what cw dc show would you Cancel


It’d be hard to justify canceling any of them IMO, but my least favorite would be LOT…Aside from Sara Lance, I never really got into that show :man_shrugging:t2: A part of me wants her back on Arrow lol

Combine them all into one show Justice League. Leave Black Lightning alone.

Cancel Supergirl and put her on Legends of Tomorrow, and move Constantine to DC Universe of a new Hellblazer series.


All of them


None they are currently all making money on CW, Netflix, internationally. It’s a business so I keep them going.

I’m with Kingmob on this one.

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But if one had to go to give room for something new, I am most prepared to let Black Lightning go. First season was great, but the second season needs to step up.

Arrow is having an even weaker season but it has a longer solid track record so I am more convinced that Arrow can get back on track after realizing that half a season in prison is too much.

Cancel supergirl and bring back a new lois and Clark and put her on it



Legends season 2 was really good, but this season not so much. The ratings are way down, if it gets cancelled they should make Brandon Routh the DC Universe Superman and give Constantine his show back.

They’re all too good to cancel, but if I had a gun to my head, I guess I’d say Black Lightning, but only because it’s not part of the Arrowverse and it’s bit too slow for my liking. That being said, if Legends of Tomorrow keeps heading down this path of blatant buffoonery and camp for camp’s sake, I’d be willing to let that go, because it’s getting to be too much.

I stopped watching Supergirl a few episodes into the last season. I’m a completionist so I was really reluctant to do so at first but I was not enjoying it’s direction and from what I hear from my friends who have continued to watch it I’m not missing much and they are not enjoying it either. They just are watching because it is part of the Arrowverse.

Truthfully though the quality has been dropping a lot for me for all the shows. I’m watching The Flash right now and it’s getting hard to get though even with as big of a Flash fan as I am. He’s kind of not even the central character of his own show at the moment anyway.

I really hope that this trend doesn’t transfer over to the DCU original shows considering they share a producer.

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@FlashLegacy, I agree. I feel like they’re pushing “Team Flash” too hard. Flash has never really needed a team, and the characters on the team, don’t even need to be part of a team. It feels like they’re just cramming as many characters as they can into that show, when the marquee star is the THE FLASH, and he’s being overshadowed almost every episode now by other heroes.


I agree, Supergirl

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most of them are fantastic but the only ones i couldnt get into were supergirl and black lightning

Why would anyone wish for a show to be cancelled? If you don’t enjoy it then fine. But, shows provide jobs for cast, and hundreds of crew members. I wouldn’t want to wish unemployment for anyone no matter what I thought about the quality creatively.


i feel like when batwoman comes out she should fight red hood