What Crossovers would you like to see Batman '66 and Wonder Woman '77 do?

So the Batman '66 and Wonder Woman '77 comics have done several crossovers with other characters and properties since the comics started in mini-series. They have included The Man From U.N.C.L.E. The Avengers (the series, not the marvel team), Archie, and others mostly ones that also ran during the shows time period, or close to it.

So ignoring who owns the properties and just having fun, who would everyone love to see meet the Adam West Batman or Lynda Carter Wonder Woman?

Some of the ones I think would be fun.

Shazam! and/or Isis - Being from the 70’s they would be a better fit for Wonder Woman, heck they actually ended their run right when Wonder Woman’s show started up. And Warner and DC obviously own them so I think it would be a no brainier. Yeah, they are not as popular of series as some of the others (and Isis would possibly be problematic because of the name that has not aged well), but think DC fans would be interested. And heck, Isis was the actual first ever female led superhero show. So why not have Wonder Woman meet her?

Electra Woman and Dyna Girl - Again, they are less known then even Shazam and Isis. But they did appear between Batman and Wonder Woman’s run so they would blend in well especially with Batman. And it only premiered 8 years after Batman. If he can crossover with Wonder Woman they could make the time work.

Superman '52 - Not from the 60’s or 70’s but it only ended 8 years before Batman '66 premiered. So not out of the question Superman would still be kicking by the time Batman came on the scene, and it would be such a fun variation on the classic World’s Finest team-ups.

The Greatest American Hero - This one probably couldn’t work for Batman given it came out in the beginning of the 80’s but was close enough to Wonder Woman’s time to work. Could be fun to see the adept hero exasperate Wonder Woman.

Those are what I thought of, but I know plenty of you guys have more imagination then me. So what properties from the 60’s 70’s and beyond do you think NEED to meet Adam West or Lynda Carter’s take on the classic heroes?


Batman 66:
Superman 52
Star Trek, original series
Wild Wild West

Wonder Woman 77:
Bionic Woman
Planet of the Apes (original)
Black sheep squadron
Flash Gordon


For Batman '66, I’d read crossovers involving:

-Austin Powers
-Lost in Space (the '60’s iteration)
-The Saint
-Time Tunnel

Wonder Woman '77:

-Battlestar Galactica
-Buck Rogers in the 25th Century
-Charlie’s Angels
-Shazam ('73 or '74, whenever the show debuted)

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There needs to be a team-up comic with Lynda Carter WW and Christopher Reeve Superman… takes place between Superman I and II (during Season 3 of WW.)

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If you’re sticking with the same time period, Batman '66 could cross over with Doctor Who when Patrick Troughton was playing the Second Doctor. But I’d rather see Batman '66 meets Doctor Who '76 – Adam West and Tom Baker together would be amazing.

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The fact that Batman 66 hasn’t met George Reeves Superman yet is a crime against humanity.

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Batman 66 and Batman 89.

Actually, why haven’t they made a Justice League of Superman 55, Batman 66, Wonder Woman 77, Shazam '74 and Flash '91? It’s a few big leaps, but still…

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Batman 66 meets classic Trek
West and Shatner side by side has been my dream since…since Marvel had the crew meet the X-men in the late 90s