What Comics to read first?

I kind-of recently got into DC, I absolutely love it but I feel like I can’t connect with some of the characters because I don’t know the origin stories. Could someone tell me the best origin stories comics or best comics for Wonder Woman, Batman, Nightwing (not a disco-wing phase, and I’ve already read Dick’s Robin origin), Batwoman, and any others that are really good. Thanks!

Welcome to the DC Universe, @Bluedot72! Here are some starting points I’d recommend for the characters you’re interested in:

Wonder Woman (1987)
Batman: Year One
Nightwing: Year One
Batwoman: Elegy

If there are any other characters you’re curious to learn about, let us know and someone will help you out!


I highly recommend Rucka’s Wonder Woman, as well! It seems like Diana’s origin may be changing soon (you’ll soon see that universe reboots are kinda a big thing with DC), but I think this series did a great job of getting to the core of the character and reintroducing her in the modern world.


If we are talking Wonder Woman, I really enjoy the golden age Marston stuff. I’d honestly recommend going straight to Sensation Comics and luxuriate in the weirdness of that era’s comics.

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May I suggest Green Arrow Year One?


Seconded @thrakaboom! GA Year one is a great read and introduction.

I have only read issue 0 of Nightwing New 52. But it tells Nightwings\Robin origin with some new twists. I am planning on reading more of that series myself.

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For Wonder Woman

Latest origin story is

Wonder woman 2016
Rucka and Scott
Year One
Issues 2 4 6 8 10 12 14
Link to issue 2

Link to series

Post Crisis on Infinite Earths
George Perez 1987

Start Reading Article

For 1940s original origin
See World of Wonder Book Club

Right at this momement
Three Book Clubs are discussing
The Wonder Woman TV series of the 1970s including the pilot which contains her origin in the first episode


Wonder Woman: I recommend reading the initial George Perez run of the 1987 series (#1-62). The dialogue is a little clunky early on, but it gets a lot better when Perez starts doing the scripts and not just the plots. I’ve heard of a couple other well-liked runs by writers I know are good (Greg Rucka and Gail Simone), but I haven’t read more than a couple issues of them myself so I’m hesitant to recommend.

Batman: I just dumped a whole bunch of new-reader recommendations on somebody else over here.

Nightwing: Pick up the 1996 series and read the first seventy issues. The '99 Titans series is also good. At least for like the first half of it.

Batwoman: Honestly, I just don’t know Batwoman as well as the other three. I know she headlined Detective Comics from #854-#863, got her first solo series in 2011, and got another one in 2017. I’ve heard good things about all three runs. She also had an important role in the opening run of the 2016 Detective Comics series, which I did read and enjoy.


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Dick Grayson



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There are
Start Reading Guides for

The Flash
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Wonder Woman

For other characters

Go to Google
“DC Universe” Start Reading
Add name of character
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