what comics lead into rebirth?

I am starting to read comics again and an wanting to start with the events leading into rebirth. What should I check out?

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This is my short version

You start with

DC Universe Rebirth 2016

DC wants you to read a Superman comic and Justice League comic before hand. That is just for sales purposes.

Basically the younger Superman of the 2011 reboot called new 52 is dead and Lex Luthor wants to become a hero because of that.

Superman Lois and Clark is prior to 2016 and decribes the original versions of Superman and Lois Lane, with their son Jon Kent in this new 52 world.
It is a great series and ties into the Rebirth Superman series.

Lois and Clark references Justice League 2011, but the basic idea to know is that the New 52, younger versions of our heroes defeated Darkseid in the first arc of that series.

If you are a Titans fan, the pre Rebirth Titans Hunt mini series brings back the Original Teen Titans, including Superpowered Hawk and Dove.

Read a series, maybe a first arc before going to the next series.

This is always a Rebirth issue to establish the character. Then the regular series

So Superman.Rebirth 1
Superman 1 etc.

My personal list of best Rebirth series are:

  1. Superman

  2. Detective Comics

  3. Wonder Woman
    two stories in first arcs
    odd numbers present day
    even Year One the best

  4. Green Lanterns

  5. Red Hood and the

  6. Aquaman Aquaman 2011 is great also

  7. New Superman Chinese

  8. Titans, Original.Titans

  9. Deathstroke

  10. Hellblazer

  11. Batman Some rate this as rhe best. It is not your usual Batman. Many prefer the 2011 versionA

The most decent link to Nathan’s document is in:


Chronological completionist… need reading order