what comic series should I read

I am trying to read more comics on this app and I would like to know what are some good series you suggest

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Batman Knightfall, knightquest, Knightsend.

Detective Comics 472 through 476, Batman
Detective Comic 2016 Batman Family
Wonder Woman 2016
Superman 2016
DC Universe Rebirth 2016

By Geoff Johns
Aquaman 2011
New Teen Titans 2003
Justice Society
Green Lantern
Stars and Stripe

The New Teen Titans
Wonder Woman

Brad Meltzer
Justice League of America

Peter David
Aquaman 1994
Young Justice

Batgirl 2009

Power Girl 2009

Huntress 2011

Outsiders 2003

Titans Hunt

Vixen Return of the Lion

Gail Simone
Villains United

Matt Wagner
Batman Superman Wonder Woman Trinity

James Robinson

Grant Morrison
JLA 1996
Batman &.Robin 2009
Doom Patrol 1987
Animal Man 1988

Alan Moore
The Saga of Swamp Thing 1982

Tom King
The Omega Men

Warren Emnis
The Authority

May I suggest joining our Book Club? It’s right here in the comics section! This week we are reading Batgirl (2000) and it’s really good!

1990s Aquama

Or 1990s JLA

-JLA (Grant Morrison’s run in particular)
-the Hush arc of Batman (the 1940-2011 series).

Hush will be here this Monday night (the 12th) while the other two are already here and ready to be enjoyed.

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Although it may be a bit too weird for some, Grant Morrison’s run on Doom Patrol is fantastic.