What comic series should I read next?

I’m a huge batman fan and read things like the long halloween, the court of owls, year one, dark victory, and a few more of the popular ones that arent coming to my mind right now. Im just wondering which series or certain storylines I should try and read next, it should be a batman comic series because hes the only character where I like everything about his allies and enemies, other heros I just cant get into that much no matter how hard I try. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance. A few suggestions would be great also. Have a great Day


Ok get read of a long list, I know alot of Batman stories

Batman: Red Rain, Bloodstorm and Crimsion Mist/Vampire Batman
Hush and Hush Returns
Under the Red Hood
Mad Love: BTAS
Green Lanter Batman
The Dark Knight Returns
Superman Batman by Loeb
Superman Speeding Bullets
Batman Nosforato
Gotham by Gastlight
Batman Noel
Batman The Cult
Arkham Asylum A Serious House on Serious Earth
The Killing Joke
A Death In The Family
Death of the Family/Endgame
Zero Year
and a short one issue story Batman #430


Batman: No Man’s Land! You can find it in the story-lines section of the comic book section of this app.

@TheSandmanofGotham has some good ones too. I’ll vouch for the two Hushes and Knightfall (also Knightquest and Knightsend) as first choices off that list. But you may have different tastes.

What kind of Batman stories do you like? Might help narrow the field some.


All of Morrison’s Batman. Start with issue 655 and go up to 683, then read Final Crisis (the whole series), then Batman and Robin issues 1 through 12. After that, briefly go back to the main Batman title for issues 700 to 703. Then read all of the Return of Bruce Wayne mini, followed by the Batman and Robin 13 through 16. Finally, read all of both volumes of Batman Incorporated. It’s basically one giant story, even if technically it’s broken into arcs. You can read Arkham Asylum and Gothic (Legends of the Dark Knight 6 to 10), but they aren’t very good; Morrison hadn’t really found an angle to work with for Batman at that time.


See following Batman thread


With what’s not already laid down. War of Jokes & Riddles. Night of the Monster Men. Batman Made of Wood. Black Mirror. Year 100.


Highly recommend Black Mirror, In my opinion, the best Batman story


That’s mine too. All good choices on here but Black Mirror will be my favorite until/if something better comes out later. Maybe not even then b/c I’ll have loved Mirror longer.


Batman was the first comics I’ve ever read and I think I read them all out of order. I just kept plowing though hoping it would all make sense sooner or later. I don’t think I’m confused any more so I think it worked. I wish I had had a community like this to ask questions!


Wow, thanks for all the quick replies. I’m gonna end up reading everyone’s suggestions (hopefully), so thank all of you guys for that. I’ll check back in and let you know what I think about what I just read. Thank you again. You guys are a awesome group on here

I’ve read hush and nightfall and loved them both. I really liked the dark knight terror series. The art and story of that was some of my favorites

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How is gotham by gaslight? I’ve seen the movie but haven’t read it. It looks good, really good

Me personally, I liked the style of it more than the story. Spoiler for the ending: The Law of Economy of Characters made it too obvious who the killer is.

I haven’t seen the movie, so I don’t know if it has the same ending.

I wanna say the movie was same killer, I think I new that much about comics. I’ll check it out now


“Ten Nights of the Beast” - Batman #417 - 420
“Son of the Demon” SC
Batman: War on Crime SC (Alex Ross art; it’s amazing)
JLA: Tower of Babel - JLA #43-46

and for a really long but super satisfying read:
Batman: Cataclysm - crosses over into all the Bat-Family and more.

Hope this helps