What Comic Do You Regret Reading?

Most people that know me would probably say that I am painfully upbeat and optimistic.

I always see the bright side in every situation, try to assume the best in everyone I meet, and can usually find enjoyment in even the “worst” movies and books.

For that reason, I’m hesitant to say that any given comic is objectively bad.

However, there are two series that I’ve read which I did not enjoy one bit. I struggled to get through each issue but persevered with the hope that it would get better.

Unfortunately, with each panel, the experience became more and more unbearable… :facepalm_batman:

Frank Miller’s Superman: Year One & Neil Adams’s Superman: The Coming Of The Supermen

Legendary creators. An iconic hero. Yet I regret every word I read and am sad to know that I will never get that time back.

Are there any comics you wish you had left on the shelf? Any series that you would recommend other readers avoid? Please, share below!

NOTE: If you disagree with my picks, then that’s awesome! I’m glad you enjoyed the work!

And if you haven’t read these titles, by all means, give them a shot and come to your own conclusion.


I wouldn’t say I exactly regret reading them, but when I read a bunch of the Golden Age Superman stories I didn’t find them very enjoyable.


The Death of Gwen Stacy! I like the character so much that I wish they didn’t kill her off!:sob:
Glad they brought her back as Spider-Gwen!:slightly_smiling_face:


The newest He-Man comics


Almost every pre Crisis comic. The story doesn’t make sense, or it’s incredibly cheesy, or just isn’t very good. But somewhere in the early to mid 80s, the stories become compelling, the continuity becomes tighter, the art becomes compelling, everything just comes together.


Hush-waste of time.

JLA Act of God- what were they thinking?


not a set thing but the storyline that made Cassandra Cain evil, felt very why? :woman_facepalming:


I’ve only been reading comics for a couple years now, but the worst one that I’ve encountered so far, and the only one that I couldn’t finish, is 1991’s Twilight by Howard Chaykin and José Luis García-López.

I was drawn in by the premise (an updating of DC’s 1950s recurring sci-fi characters) as well as the beautiful cover (it’s still one of my all-time favorites), but the insides of that book are as ugly as the cover is beautiful.

Edginess for the sake of edginess and darkness for the sake of darkness: tons of expletives for no real reason, including one character who randomly (and wholly unearned) drops an N-bomb; a beheading is shown, repeatedly, in as graphic, gruesome and bloody a manner as possible; one page portrays a disgusting old man in bed with robot prostitutes, who are splayed around him in intentionally provocative and explicit poses; oh, and as the cherry on top, there’s animal abuse, too (a man shoots a talking cat with a ray gun). I could go on. If it’s ugly and reprehensible, it’s in this book. I am fine with edginess and darkness, bad language, sex and violence if it serves the story. But none of this served the story, at all. A story which was both boring and confusing in equal measure, I should mention.

Every single character in the book was utterly detestable and irredeemable. Even the supposed protagonist. I do not demand that a character be likable, but they at least need to be compelling. Not one character in this book was likable or compelling in any way.

I even found the art to be ugly and off-putting; I know that JLGL is generally highly regarded as one of DC’s all-time greatest artists, but it’s as if he intentionally drew this book to match the ugliness of Chaykin’s writing.

I struggled through the first issue and was going to stop there, but decided to at least start issue #2 and see if the series improved. Nope, the first five pages of issue #2 was more of the same, so I just gave up.

In conclusion: Twilight. Avoid at all costs, unless you’re a glutton for punishment.


I forgot to say this:

I regret reading Hitman, not because it was bad, but because it was AWESOME!!

When it ended, I was so upset and now I regret reading it.

Thinking about it though, I think it’s mostly the last issue I regret reading lol


I have that problem too…
Except, there is one series that I skipped after reading the first issue because I just couldn’t take it: New 52 Red Hood and the outlaws


Same here, I try to like them because they’re what started it all but I feel asleep reading a few of them.


You mean batman hush?


Mother panic. It was so slow and boring and I had no idea what the hell was going.

I regret reading blackest night before I read any of the previous Geoff John’s Green lantern books

Superman the nail, really boring and don’t remember what happened in it.

Starman by James robinson, I couldn’t get into it and I wish I read other comics instead forcing myself to like it.

Superman year one, not only do I regret reading it but I also regret buying it before I read the story(although the art made it worth it at the end)

Door way to nightmare. Same as the last other I just thought it was boring.


New 52’s Red hood and the outlaw, I regret that I wasted so much time trying to like when I never did from beginning to end.


God is Dead from Avatar Press. It started off cool with an interesting concept but then it just became absolute garbage. I read almost the whole series before deciding I’m done wasting my time with it sadly.


Can I ask why? Is it because it spoiled stuff from the earlier books, or because you didn’t fully understand what was going on because you hadn’t read the earlier books?


Spoiled from his previous books like


Like the anti monitor becoming the Black lantern, introducing to the other corps, I was able to follow it just fine and I already knew about the other corps so that’s more on past me, it’s just that blackest night was way sweeter once i read all of Geoff John’s run on Green lantern(in fact, I liked Blackest night more after reading the rest of his run)


Blackest night (the main series) is one of the first DC books I’ve ever read and I actually never regretted that. It was interesting, because I still loved the story, and I loved it even more when I went back and re-read it last year. It was like getting to experience it for the first time twice, almost? once without knowledge of some characters and elements, and once with all that.


Hmmm, that’s a “glass Is half way full” way to look at it. It was also one of my first when I first started reading on dcu. While I did say I enjoyed it the 2nd time, I wish I knew it was part of a run.


For manga.

Naruto-got real bored of it after Pain died

Rosario+Vampire-nothing was going on, just some awkward uninteresting MC and for some reason girls want him when there’s nothing appealing about him. I also hate fan services

Fairy tail- it’s fairy Tail

Inuyasha- I wasted so much time trying to read it a friend was like “It’s a good series, its better than Naruto(I rather read naruto Between the 2) if you grew up with it you would see how good it is!” Nothing happened, Inuyasha tries to get the jewels, random villain pops up, they right, rinse and repeat, and “Main” antagonist doesn’t even feel like one, he pops out for a little bit fights Inuyasha then just disappears for a few chapters, Bandora from Zyuranger was more interesting.

Bleach- just what is the story? First Ichigo was learning to be a soul reaper, then he tried to stop aizen, then we got another villain whom I don’t remember the name of, after that we got a final villain and the start was really good but it went down the drain really quick.

Mai chan’s daily life- it was disgusting, it was gore for the sake of gore there was no story, the story was just some poor lady being torture because she’s immortal. The Arthor should go see a therapist.

There’s more but these are the ones I can think of at the top of my head