What comic books do you recommend for new readers?

I get bored easily in school and it’s almost the end of the year so I need to keep myself entertained


Batman: Year One (#404-407) is a great place to start for Batman

Also the New 52 Batman by Scott Snyder

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If you haven’t been reading Tom King’s Batman storyline-jump on it starting around The War of Jokes and Riddles. So incredibly good

If you’re starting with Tom King’s Batman, I would start from the very beginning since it all ties together. The story definitely isn’t for everybody (I really dislike it), but who knows… Maybe it will become your favorite!


Do yourself a favor and give Venditti’s current Hawkman run a go.


Listen to @DCComicCrisis and give the current Hawkman book a nod. You will not be disappointed. Also, check out The Terrifics, Detective Comics, Adventures of the Super Sons, Freedom Fighters (there’s that Venditti guy again) and one Marvel comic, Daredevil.

I’m not sure if it’s on here but try All-Star Superman. Everything great about Superman packed into a quintessential story. It’s essential to any fan of the Big Blue Boy Scout.


On the Batman side of things there’s Court of Owls and the immediate sequel City of Owls. A dark and brooding look at a hidden organization of boogeymen older than Batman’s generation that have been hiding in the crevices of Gotham and secretly controlling the city since it was first built. You can ignore the tie-in issues and just stick to the Batman issues. It starts with Batman #1 from the New 52.


Here are some good entertaining books:

Crisis on Infinite Earths: It’s showing its age a little, but it’s still made of awesome. Plus, if you read The Flash (1959) #123, Crisis on Infinite Earths, Flashpoint, and DC Rebirth, you’ll have good understanding of the major continuity shifts. Maybe stick Zero Hour, Infinite Crisis, and 52 between CoIE and Flashpoint if you want to be really thorough, but those are kind of confusing to read for various reasons.

Batman: Hush (Batman (1940) #607-18, I believe, but I might be slightly off): Just about the best introduction to the extended Bat-Family and rogues gallery you could hope for.

Nightwing (1996) #1-70: Drama, action, a sense of humor, and a bunch of fun new villains. Just spare yourself some pain and stop when you get to Devin Grayson’s run (the first few issues sucker you in by not being as terrible and miserable and depressing and offensive as the rest). That said…

The Titans (1998) #1-25: Grayson’s run on this series is actually really good. The latter twenty-five issues were a total mess, though.

Birds of Prey (1998): Just read all of it. I’m up to #84 and have yet to encounter an issue that didn’t make me ridiculously happy. Well, I guess the original few oneshots were a little dull, but the ongoing is great.

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I’ll third the Hawkman recommendation. Venditti and Hitch are doing great things with the Winged Warrior.

As for other reads, go for:

-the Rebirth volume of Superman. Read the Superman Rebirth one-shot and then issues 1-6.

-New 52 Batman and Robin #'s 1-8. The whole series is great TBH.

-New 52 Wonder Woman #'s 1-6

-the Blood Will Run arc of The Flash (1987). Issues 170-174.

-Divine Right: The Adventures of Max Faraday. A twelve issue mini and a severely underrated gem by Jim Lee. It’s also the one thing he’s written (mostly) too.


Deathstroke the Terminator. 80s/90s Batman. These are great reads

The current Hawkman and 2000s Hawkman too

And Vengeance of Bane

Lol okay im done

Geoff Johns
Aquaman 2011
Teen Titans 2003

Grant Morrison JLA 1996

Alan Moore, Saga of Swamp Thing

Tynion, Detective Comics 2016

Rucka and Scott
Wonder Woman 2016 Year one
Even Numbers

Levitz, Huntress 2011, followed by Worlds Finest, with Power Girl

New Frontier by Dwane Cooke

Superman lois and clark, followed by Superman 1016, Jon.Kent

Demon Knights

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