What Comic Book Introduced You to Your Favorite Character?

When I was a kid I bought a comic book at the local thrift shop for ten cents, it was Superman issue 50 from 1990. That’s how I discovered my favorite character Superman.

How did you discover your favorite character?

I’m not ashamed to say I first got to know my favorite character from Justice League Unlimited. But after that, I was captivated by his appearance in 52 #1.


i dont feel so much as introduced me to him but more like made it clear who my favorite
was the batman the animated series with my first bat kevin conroy haha :grin:

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I can’t remember if I saw Batgirl on TV or a comic first, but my first superhero comic was a Batman (Family) Adventures with a Dick and Babs team up. :slight_smile:

Although, if you count the comics that came with toys… She-Ra wins!

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I was like 8 and got ahold of Batman: The killing joke… That was the first comic that set off a ripple effect throughout my whole life and helped shape me into a fan of not only batman but many others as well!:grin:

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