what collectibles would you like to see produced exclusively for DC universe subscribers?

Exclusives aren’t being added to the shop as frequently as I’d like to see. Maybe a item here and there but I’d like to see more. I specifically like prop replicas but what does everyone else want to see?


I’m always here for more Question merchandise.


Swamp Thing statue for one


Titans and Doom Patrol figures/statues and something from the Harley Quinn show… anything Harley related!


Keep in mind product development takes time. Patience is key.

DCU exclusive collectibles I’d like to see (these would all hail from DC Collectibles by the FYI)

-Young Justice action figures. From the gamut of the show. Obviously the initial focus would most likely be season three characters/looks to promote the current season. Afterward (and if s3 figures sell well), then the focus could shift to seasons uno and dos.

-Doom Patrol action figures. In addition to love and laughter, the world needs more Doom Patrol toys.

-3.75" Green Lantern: The Animated Series figures. I think more than a couple people kinda dig this show. Mattel’s GL animated toys never came out, so this’d be a winner. The smaller scale (which DCC has experience with via their Injustice merch) would allow for a sweet Interceptor ship/playset and an Anti-Monitor that Dark Aya could fit into.

-Stargirl TV series action figures. This serves as a new way to get more JSA characters in plastic and a good promotional tie-in to the show. I bet Geoff Johns would want them for his home and office.

-Swamp Thing TV series action figures. I’d wrap my vines around Mr. Holland and crew. Swampy should have interchangeable arms and hands to mimic his transforming abilities. If that power gravitates to the show, that is.

S’all for me :slight_smile:


How about replica weapons? I know some people are doing them with 3D printers but I just don’t think the quality is there yet…I’d love to have either of Harley’s guns. Just a thought :diamonds::black_joker:

DC Collectibles could probably make alot of chips from the cosplay crowd if they made Harley’s mallet in varying styles.

I wonder if they’ve thought about taking custom requests for props and the like that they would then 3D print. You submit an email request, they crunch the numbers and come back with a price for you. Then the ball is in your court. I’ve no doubt the price would be very expensive for custom made goods.

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I’m sure it would not be cheap but if the quality is there I don’t mind spending a lil more :diamonds::black_joker:

I think the cosplay community would at least be interested. They spend alot on costuming and accesories. This way they get a premium, professionally made product. There is something to be said for DIY, but there are probably alot of people who want to cut to the chase too.

Call it “DC Collectibles: The Cosplay Collection”. Of course the items are suitable for prop display items too.


I would appreciate variant covers exclusive to members only. Superman books please. :laughing:


Everything Vroom said times two.


Hey, thanks! I assume you dig both my toy and prop suggestions? In any event, I’m glad to have your support =)


I think we need a new line of Legion of Super-Heroes action figures.


Agreed! Maybe if that rumored Hickman Legion book comes along, DCC will produce some figures to tie into it.

For now I just want something Raven related from the Titans show.

But I’m sure once Doom Patrol starts I’ll want some official merch from that.


I love figures. To me, you 100% can’t go wrong with a beautifully made figure. I also would love home decor like throw pillows, plushies, hand towels, etc


The pillows from the DC Daily couch, and a remote controlled Robot man that says “do you have a printer in there? I think it’s in his butt.”


i would kill to have those pillows or like the mugs they have


I think they should start the justice league unlimited action figure line back up!!!


@StarofLyra I second! Day to day jouse decor or simple odjects turned D.C. lol And of course #1…figures as well. Who doesn’t want a room full of dc figures beautifully stationed

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