What characters should be added to the Encyclopedia?

It looks like the app has stopped adding more characters recently, who would you like people to know about in the Encyclopedia?

Side note: We should also be able to make our own tags

DC Universe might do well talking the same role as ComicVine

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Everyone. It’s so depleted of characters, i don’t see the reason for even having it. Off the top of my head its missing KGBeast, Maxie Zeus, Gentleman Ghost, black spider, bronze tiger, dollmaker, lincoln March, ventriloquist, etc. Those are just the ones i remember searching for and it not having.

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Assuming they pay someone to make the articles, that would be a big time investment. That’s why I suggest they turn it into a wiki. I wouldn’t mind more articles, but it’s about the last thing on my priority list for this service. I’d rather they invest time and money in other areas and let the fans do the work. More fun that way anyway.

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@batwatch yea very true, its just easy to google most of the characters anyway, they should just remove it and use the storage for more movies or comics.

The storage for the encyclopedia is minuscule. A few jpg and txt per entry. I doubt it more than a gigabyte. It’s mostly text. 5 gigabytes is generous and that’s still mice nuts.

The entire Library of Congress is estimated to be 10 terabytes. You can get that much disc space for under $500.

There are print versions of official DC Encyclopedias. IMO, they should work out a deal for usage rights of an official DC Encyclopedia and use that. Then make modifications/updates to that as needed.

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I know they’re are print ones. I have two lol

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Off the top of my head, Lar Gand/Mon-el.


Mon el is not on there?! Hahaha wow

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