What Character(s) Would You Most Like Rocksteady/WB Montreal to Make a Game for Next?

It’s been for years since Rocksteady wrapped up their Arkham series, and fans - including myself - are dying for a new game from them, particularly one starring a DC character. Who would you all like to see?

My two most wanted are Green Arrow and something related to Batman.

The former would be great because they could utilize a lot of the same ideas from Akrham. Just change Batman’s gadgets to GA’s trick arrows. Stealth, combat, and traveling could all be relatively similar to Arkham, and there definitely a lot of Green Arrow history to go off of.

As for something related to Batman, there is a lot of options for this. While I don’t think it should or would star Bruce, they could use Batman. Damian, Dick, or even Tim could take up the mantle. Though I do think using Batman at all would be a betrayal to Knight’s story. Instead, having one of those character being in their normal hero roles (Robin, Nightwing, or Red Robin/Drake respectively) could work. Though what would work just as well is a Batgirl or Batwoman story. Barbara is out of comission of course, but a Batgirl game starring Cassandra or Stephanie would be nice. As for Batwoman, she is getting her own show so she’s kind of “in” right now.

A lot of people want a Superman, Flash, Wonder Woman, or even Justice League game. While I don’t think we should jump to JL yet, I’d be open to those other options and more. Though, I think dropping the stealth and exploration elements - which surely those characters would do - would kind of lose what made the Arkham games so special in the first place.


I most want a sequel to Arkham Origins from WB Montreal. Court of Owls would be great. It seems like it’s happening but no one knows for sure.

Since RS has said they’re moving on from Batman, I think they’d make a great Swamp Thing game. Can just picture their dense, dirty, and beautiful swamp environments.

But I don’t think a Swamp Thing game is very likely. The rumored team, game as service game seems very likely for a studio like Rocksteady. Would be cool if you could design your own hero and choose your mentor/narrative path (Batman, Superman, WW, etc.) basically a bigger and better version of DCU online.


Court of Owls has been rumored for a long time.

There was a WBM leak last month that revealed there was at least concept for a game in the future with Damian as Batman and looked really cool.

I would love a Justice League game from them. I think the mechanics of the Arkham series could work well with other heroes. The use of gear would just translate to using various aspects of each hero’s power.

I’d love a Court Of Owls sequel to Arkham Origins. Based on all the various leaks and hints over the years, I’d say a Justice League game from Rocksteady is most likely. Personally, I’d love a Flash game that alternates between Central City and Keytone City.

No, I have no idea what that would look like or how that would work, but I want one anyway! :joy:

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Given that they built the Arkham series from the ground up, I think they could do something similar for a different hero, so I’m going to say The Flash. I still think a well-designed Flash game could be ridiculously fun, and I’d trust Rocksteady to do it right.

If there was another Arkham game, it should be Arkham Beyond with Terry and elderly Bruce.

A Wonder Woman hack and slash styled game would be fun or a sonic styled Flash game.

I would like to see something different. One idea is a Lobo game where you travel around to different planets as a bounty hunter. Another idea is an Adam Strange game because we need more shooters with jet packs.

I love DC Universe Online which is a MMORPG, but I don’t love playing with other people so much. So I’ve always wanted something like that, just a big open-world single player RPG in the DC Universe.


A lot of stuff has been rumored but if I could choose I would pick.

Martian Manhunter
Green Lantern
Or Justice League.

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I want either a nightwing game or a game where u play Harley Quinn but…it’s going to be another batman game probably

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Arkham world would have been great . Going to other areas . Be cool to glide around metropolis and talk to lex and all that

Fun fact, I’m playing a top secret behind closed doors game from WB on Tuesday. That’s all I will ever say on the topic though.


Realistically, a superman game would be sick. Imagine a whole city or cities (like GTA) and you can free roam fly around the whole thing.

@Nathan.Payson Do you know what game you’re playing? Not asking for the title, just curious if you know.

A game centered around the entire Bat Family would be nice. Otherwise, I wouldn’t mind seeing that alleged Suicide Squad game they were working on years ago.

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@matches, I will not find out till I begin the playtest and will not be able to talk about it after.

One dream of mine has been a game where you play as a low level henchman, taking jobs for all the most notorious villains in Gotham. Avoid the cops, avoid Batman.

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Honestly I wouldn’t mind another Batman game.
Maybe Batman vs. The Court of Owls.

Though I would like to see a Justice League game or perhaps even Suicide Squad or Titans.