What character do you want a video game based on next?

I thoroughly enjoyed the new Spider-Man game, and all through it I was thinking it was to Spider-Man what the Arkham Series was to Batman. There needs to be more well done console super hero games.

I know rocksteady is working on something but they haven’t mentioned what yet. I’d be fully okay with another Batman game, though I don’t know where they go from there unless they go with a Batman Beyond game (which is definitely be down for). But I kind of hope they focus on other heroes, like Superman or Flash. They both have great fleshed out rogues to work with. And implementation of multiple villains was my favorite aspect of Spider-Man and the Arkham games.

So, what characters would you want a game based around?

I want to see a Wonder Woman game. She’s the only member of the Trinity that hasn’t had her own solo game. They could do anything from her battling super villains, to going on a big quest against the gods, or have her be part of a big war on Themyscira against other Amazons. I really don’t know what they could do for a story, but I’d really like a game centered around Wonder Woman.

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id love to see Rocksteady do a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game.

maybe they could even adapt the (amazing) idw TMNT/Batman crossover.

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Hmmmm I could see them doing a Wonder Woman game with combat similar to God of War/Devil May Cry. And yeah I didn’t even realize WW is the only trinity member without a game.

Oh and I’d love for rocksteady to do a turtles game! That would be a great change of pace for them. With each turtle having their own abilities and gadgets and such. Kind of like playing a different characters in the Arkham games, but actually implemented into the main game and not just challenges.

I never thought of a WW game in the vein of GoW but heck ya!!! Would also LOVE a GL game.

The Flash would be fantastic.

If they did a GL game, I’d want them to go all out cosmic DC, with GL going to several worlds like Thanagar, Rann, Oa of course. Maybe you have to fly around the debris of Krypton at some point.

And there were rumors rocksteady was working on a Supes game, but I’d much prefer a flash one. You could make it similar to the Arkham game’s gameplay, but built around his speed. And of course include a bunch of the Rogues. Also cameos of other heroes would be nice, and maybe have some hints that it’s set in the same world as the Arkham games.

Damian Wayne as Batman

I played games like Spec Ops The Line, God of War 3, BioShock and Twisted Metal Black. I also read Batman 666 and Batman Inc Vol 2 #5. With all of those mediums in mind, I envision a game taking place in a very hellish, violent, and downright somber Batman world more horrifying than ever with Damian at the helm.

Plus, rumor has it that it’s what WB Games Montreal is working on (or has).

Wonder Woman of course

I agree with the things said about Wonder Woman so far, that’d be an awesome game.

Also, Lobo. It’d basically be Duke Nukem, Doom (the newer one) or Wolfenstein, only with Lobo, lol.

A Green Lantern game would be cool too.

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Cyborg - So much potential for a great game, the amount of customization options, his struggle, the lack of solo stories of his characters provides an opportunity to dig deeper and even explore his lore. Not to mention, similar to the latest Spiderman game, different puzzle side tasks/quests.

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Id love a sandbox swamp thing game for ps4.
When you go to the green, you see everything g connected to it to find hidden pathways to find your way threw the diffrent gonna ted swamplands. And you try to take down swamp thing villains from the cartoon and love action series. So the green is basicly the bat sonar and spider sence from the past videogame ooen worlds.

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A Quantic Dream Supergirl/Superman game.

If you were the most powerful being on Earth - What kind of person would you be, what would be the consequences of your actions?

Martian Manhunter- would be a great way to be able to get the best of both worlds with crime solving detective work but also action packed with all his powers. It would be a mystery story since his alter ego is as a detective but sci fi enough to include a huge twist to go all out in a final battle & end cut scene.

Aquaman-Being able to “dive deep” into the life of Arthur Curry, seperate from Aquaman, would be an amazing experience. Gameplay may feature Ocean Master, Black Manta, Mera, The others, and maybe even the Justice League. The story line could be about Arthur’s struggles between Atlantis and “The surface world” and all that attracts him in either realm. Speaking of Atlantis, just imagine the free roam if the game launches. Palaces, a bunch of mermen and woman, and with good graphics, my god, the game would be sensational, and also advertise the new movie coming up. All in all, “The Aquaman” would make a great videogame, at least,to me.

It would be cool if dc made a Red hood game, it could go through the events of Batman:under the red hood.

Green arrow or the flash. It had to be open world though. There is a lot of material to make really good stories.

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Superman for a traditional Arkham type game. Green Arrow for a TellTale type game.

I’d be most interested in an open world Green Lantern game, especially if there were some sort of powers editor you could use to make constructs to map and use in gameplay.

Of course, I’ve loved all of Rocksteady’s Batman stuff, and there are rumors that they’re working on a Superman game now. If that’s true, that would be great.

I think a Suicide Squad game kind of like Marvel Ultimate Alliance style. I think that would be really fun.