what character deserves his or her’s own show?

We’ve gotten plenty of superhero tv series, but what character really would b great for a tv show? Personally I think nightwing, but what do you think


The ? or Plastic Man

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I say the spectre could make a great TV show


I would like a Nightwing show, I kind of wish there was a show with all the Robins/Batbros, they rarely are seen on screen all together. But I think Red Arrow/ Arsenal would be interesting (name may depend on which storyline it follows). If it’s a spin off of Young Justice it could be about the Roy’s journey during the 5 year gap on his quest to find the first Roy/Speedy (who later became Arsenal), his relationship with Cheshire, and his downfall from his identity crisis (possible addiction storyline). But even if it’s based on Season 2 or after it can revolve around him adapting to life as a father and vigilante.

But it could also be based on the first Red Hood and The Outlaws / Red Hood and Arsenal story lines.

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I personally would like to see a Spectre series. Maybe a noir type feel, set in the 60’s with Jim Corrigan. I think the time is right for a dark, crime series

Red Hood.

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Booster Gold! Perhaps when DC Legends of Tomorrow runs it course we can get a different spin on time travel throughout the DC universe with everyone’s favorite slacker/screw-up–Booster Gold. But with the recent news coming from the much-maligned DCEU about the Man of Steel, we need a TV version of Superman.


I would say constantin needs to come back for sure!!! I would also like to see a deadman. Series even if it is for one season give a dead man back story of how it all began.

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Phantom Stranger


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Shrinking Violet

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Invisible Kid

Trigger Twins

Duplicate Girl

Batman beyond


Crimson Avenger

A Gotham City Sirens show would be amazing.

Nightwing for sure, and Booster Gold

my personal desire would be a Green Lanterns show with Cruz and Baz (maybe a buddy comedy type format?) but honestly I think Blue Beetle is overdue and would work well for a tv show format.


I agree with Jessicart92,

but the origional beetle