What can YOU do to save Krypton?

We’ve all seen the news by now, I’m sure: Krypton has been cancelled by Syfy after 2 seasons, and the Lobo spinoff has been passed on. And while there is nothing we can do for Lobo right now, there may be a chance for you (yes, YOU) to help save Krypton. There are a few things you can do.

First, go to wherever Syfy has episodes for Season 2 available for viewing (LEGALLY I should stress), and binge watch the heck out of the episodes available. This in particular is time sensitive since we don’t know how long the show will be available on their website/app before they pull it.

Second, buy the episodes outright, be it on digital platforms like Amazon or on physical like DVD or Blu-Ray. That includes buying Season 2 if/when it releases. And make sure you don’t, I repeat, DON’T buy it second-hand. DC and WB won’t see a dime of that money if you do otherwise.

Third, for those of you with a DC Universe subscription, binge watch the heck out of Season 1 now, and Season 2 when it drops next year.

The most important thing is that DC and WB know that there is money to be made here. The impossible was accomplished when everyone did the same thing with Young Justice. Using the same strategy CAN work if enough people get involved. Do I think it will work? I don’t know. Unlike Young Justice, Krypton got the ax because not a lot of people watched Season 2, which will automatically make this effort harder. But if YJ can come back, then so can Krypton.

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It’s trending right now better start tweeting the hastags

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I don’t have twitter. But if there’s a hashtag to use, it should be #KeepBingingKrypton.

It’s actually #savekrypton

I know, but simply saying #savekrypton is not enough. Anyone can go on Twitter, make an account, and make a thousand tweets to DC and WB that say #savekrypton for free, and it won’t work. DC and WB know there is some kind of demand, but they also know that Twitter doesn’t represent everyone. It’s not about telling DC and WB what everyone wants, it’s about cluing in everyone else what needs to be done to bring it back, and #keepbingingkrypton is the best way to do that: to put their money where their mouths are and actually watch it, buy it, and binge it.

Wasn’t #saveswampthing trending at one point?

Nothing happened to that…

I just bought season 2 at google

Swamp Thing getting renewed was never going to happen. That was clear from the get go. Krypton has a chance. A small chance maybe, but a chance.

Bring it here!

Definitely think Krypton has a better chance then SwamP Thing. Although the sad truth is that save show campaigns usually don’t work, I got caught up in a couple back in the day, and nothing ever came of them and that was back when there was not so much competition for eyeballs. Usually nothing comes of them and often if they do work it leads to another season altered to try and “save it” that usually end up being the last one.

Not trying to discourage anyone, got nothing to lose by trying. Just do think people should temper their expectations. Honestly, Warner is supposedly shopping around Lobo, so that one sounds like the better chance for someone to pick up, be it here or somewhere else.