What can we expect from DCU at Sdcc next month?

I’d really like if they drop Titans s2 and Stargirl trailers there + new shows. Here’s hoping they also announce they’re bringing back Constantine for a second season. With Swamp Thing having a show in here, it makes a lot of sense to bring it back.


I’d be aghast with happy if there was an announcement for Green Lantern: The Animated Series season 2.

It’s one of the few shows from the past that’s truly deserving of a continuation.


@Vroom Yep. Green Lantern is one of the best animated Superhero show. It deserves a second season. CN was stupid for cancelling it.

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I am hoping for anything Stargirl… if I got to wait until 2020 give me SOMETHING. Also hoping we will hear about some new shows (live action especially but animated is good too), and a Doom Patrol season 2. Any additional comic book content would be good. Although given what we have now unless Vertigo or maybe Black Label was going to be added I am not sure what it would be. Yeah, other imprints but given what we have now would not be a HUGE news. But any improvements in functionality, new features, or additional comic books… would be awesome.


@cbplanets I think most would love a second season of Constantine. But given it’s Arrowverse ties I assume if it ever does get another season, that will be the CW. Granted, CW shows are not automatically going to Netflix anymore so if they did make a season 2 then it could end up here after it airs on network TV. But that is a lot of ifs.

@DanTheMan1 Nbc Constantine isn’t set in the same universe as the CW one. Dcu can easily bring it back from where it left off.

@cbplanets No it is

i agree with titans season 2 and constaine season 2 i hope we get a trailer for harly quinn and hope we get a wonder woman and flash trailer/teaser it least and for thoes attending sdcc have fun and enjoy

Titans season 2 trailer, Stargirl trailer, Harley Quinn animated trailer, a new animated movie/series announcenent maybe?

Doom Patrol season 2 renewal, hopefully.

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I know this is not DCU but I hope we get a Wonder Woman 1984 trailer :grinning:

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Announce Doom Patrol Season 5!

I’d love another season of Constantine.

I would love a surprise Injustice 1&2 announcement for Switch!


Oh no… apparently no DC at San Diego this year… So no Wonder Woman or Birds of Prey trailers… Bummer…


Sorry title reads DCU not DC.

Warner Bros won’t be presenting at Hall H this year, neither will Disney/Marvel, so no trailers etc this year. I’m going to guess Warner’s doesn’t want to talk about the new streaming service just yet, so they’re taking a pass on Hall H.