What books are you looking forward to in 2020?

I loved Tomasi.on Superman.

On Detective I dont remembet most stories an hour after I read them

One time I looked back and the issue had The Spectre one of my favorite characters

Also sometimes he does that 'last issue was an hallucination" that King is famous for.

I am going to reread the last ten issues of Detective to see if I enjoy it more that way.

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@TurokSonOfStone1950: Agreed Tomasi was much better on Superman. His Superman (along with Jurgens on Action) approached the great run that started with Byrne’s Man of Steel in the late eighties. And while his stint on Detective will never replace O’Neil, Englehart, and Dixon, it’s miles ahead of King’s confusing mess.
“Oh, one more question?” (He said scratching his head like the great Lt. Columbo). Looking back, what were some of your favorite Silver Age creators, titles, runs and characters?

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The first regular Conic Book.I read was the last tryout of Justice League of America. In The Brave and The Bold

Even then I thought that they didn’t seem to belong togerher. The costumes of Flash and Green Lantern was so sleek and different from the othet three. I didnt know how recent Flash and Green Lantern were. After all Flash title was alredy past a hundred issues. Gardner Fox seemed to think the only powers of Jonn Jonzz was flying and superbreath.

I read every DC title including Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen. They were simultaneously amusing and incredibly stupid

I was around when Marvel started and the stories by Stan Lee sermed to be much better than those over at DC.

Gardner Fox seemed to be a good writer at DC. Kane infantino and Kubert the best artists. .

I tead Doom Patrol Metamorpho and Metal Men. They seemed weird.

I liked Gardner Fox as a writer: the Earh 2 stories, and the team ups betwern Flash and Grern Lantern Also.JLA Ato .and Hawkman.

Around 1966 i stopped reading any comics until 1973. By then the Silver Age was gone.

I left because

couldn’t find comics anywhere

They were very camp and annoying to me.

I didnt come back to comics until 1973.

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@TurokSonOfStone1950: I started reading comics in the spring of "66 due to the Batman TV show, even though I grew up watching the reruns of the Adventures of Superman in the early sixties. So it stood to reason (at least to a ten-year-old) that if Batman or Superman wasn’t on the cover of a comic book I didn’t pick it up. And, yes I read Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen, but at the time I had no idea they were campy send-ups. Shortly after I discovered The Flash (that story I have related elsewhere on this app) and Aquaman. Then came The Justice League of America and my little mind was blown! But the icing on the cake was Adventure Comics #347 and my intro to the Legion of Super-Heroes. Cool teenagers–what a concept!
As for creators of the time, Curt Swan on Superman and The Legion was my favorite. His characters looked like real people as opposed to Wayne boring who made everyone but Lois look fat. (No body-shaming here, it was 1966 and I was ten.) I loved Infantino’s Flash and Adams’ Batman. Gil Kane, Murphy Anderson, Joe Kubert, and Andru and Esposito were also favorites. Writers were more difficult to identify, but as I related to @KeyFamily in another thread, discerning DC writers was almost a contest and treasure hunt back then. But, yes, Gardner Fox, Edmund Hamilton, Otto Binder, Cary Bates, Bob Kanigher and Jim Shooter were all favorites.
The first “run” that I took note of was the “Hunt for Mera” in Aquaman (#'40-48) by Skeates and Aparo. It seemed the story would never end, but I couldn’t wait for every new chapter.
And lastly, my favorite story of this period was told in Aventure Comics #'s 369 and 370 (first Modru). The best Legion story ever published. It’s here on the app check it out.
Hey, I love reminiscing like this about my hobby and childhood. Thanks for giving me the chance to ramble. Peace and health in the new year.


And lastly, my favorite story of this period was told in Aventure Comics #'s 369 and 370 (first Modru). The best Legion story ever published. It’s here on the app check it out.

Thank you for the shoutout, @baseballmaniac01.45870! I have added those comics you recommended to our “To Read” list and look forward to enjoying them as much as you did. Awesome share! Peace and health to you in the new year as well!


YES…just don’t let Bendis touch these books please(sandman and hellblazer)

I’ve been thinking (that could be dangerous), but I’m looking forward to any books in 2020 that re-establish Dick Gayson, Wally West, Roy Harper and Donna Troy as mainstay legacy characters in the DCU.



My thought ecactly

Wally is a bit hard to have on a team book.because he would solve the problem by page 2. That is why Marv Wolfman said he dropped Wally from.the team during Judas Contract.

Wally needs his own.title to soar.

I am hoping for a nine member team of

Original.Teen Titans

Older Titans gen 2.0
Green Lantern - Kyle

Beast Boy
Ms Martian like in.2003 Teen Titans

Jason.and Conner.are unavailable because in other title.

Occasional appearance by

Lords of Chaos and Order Haek.and Dove for spinoff title



@TurokSonOfStone1950: I’m not looking to put together a Titans team (although if they reform that’s great). I just want to see these venerable characters treated with the love and respect they deserve from the powers that be.

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Dan DiDio won’t allow that.

Donma is currently a monster made by the Joker that Laughs. Before that she was a drunk .alcoholic with no magic lasso

Wally is a murderer who killed Roy

Grayson is still Ric.

Hopefully the next Crisis changes this if Doomsday Clock.12 doesn’t

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Definitely need some more hellblazer for 2020, some more vertigo, and if what I’ve been reading is even 10% true, maybe the Toddfather himself Todd Mcfarlane might make a jump to DC and put his twist on the DC universe. I know what you’re saying believe me i know it sounds crazy and just way too good to be true, but could you imagine the creator of one of the most highly regarded comic in ages “SPAWN” maybe just writes and colors a bad A$$ graphic novel or comic for DC, I mean mic drop mind blowed. To get a Mcfarlane style of writing and characters and just all around straight amazingness brought to the DC universe i think would really give DC the push it needs to kick marvel in the ground and leave it scrounging for scrapes. I’m DC only here, not to be closed minded but marvel never did it for me, too bubble headed and not really believable for the characters. Sorry, just a little rant there. But joking aside, if the Toddfather just so happens to make some dreams come true in the DC universe for us fans, i will most likely lose my mind and mic drop myself lol.i guess FINGERS CROSSED all.