What big thing happened just before New 52?

I am still vary new to DC Comics and was wanting to read New 52 but its like its in the middle of the story. So if anyone can help me i would appreciate it.

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That would be Flashpoint, a five-issue miniseries where Flash is the only one aware that he’s in a radically different timeline. This directly set up the New 52 and is one of the biggest DC events in recent years. The core five issues are the minimum you’ll want to read before the New 52, but there are a number of other miniseries, tie-ins and one-shots that expand on the Flashpoint timeline and really flesh out that new world if you’re interested


Thank you vary much

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Blackest Night/Brightest Day was also a big, really good story that happened not long before Flashpoint/New 52.


The only good Flashpoint was the comic book store in Port Jefferson, in Long Island.
But seriously, I really hated New52 when it happened. As a consequence of this, I really found Flashpoint hard to take after the fact. (it doesn’t help that We’ve had so many re-iterations of it elsewhere)

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If you’re having trouble tracking down the right issues you can also get the collected paperback version at any comic book shop (or on amazon if there isn’t one nearby.)

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BTW I also highly recommend the New 52 Batman story Zero Year. Hands down my favorite Batman story I’ve ever read. It comes in two parts, Secret City and Dark City and I seriously cannot recommend it enough, especially for newcomers to comics.

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Yeah. Don’t read Flashpoint.

Thank you all for the info