what batman story do fans need to start on


Batman The Long Halloween

You get a good origin story as well as a taste of some of the more interesting Batman villains.

Year One

Frank millers year one

I’d say Year One , The man who laughs(Not the Metal one)it’s a 1st encounter Joker story since year one ends with a Joker teaser , then Long Halloween :slight_smile:

Long Halloween was my first encounter with Bats in print. In my case it was perfect. But, if you don’t know anything about the Bats universe, start somewhere else.

Year One is the best place to start. It’s a perfect, classic introduction of the character. It’s also one of the best Batman stories ever written. Year One also has a lot great “sequels” that create a natural reading path.

  1. Year One
  2. Dark Moon Rising
  3. The Man Who Laughs
  4. The Long Halloween
  5. Dark Victory
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Year one or Long Halloween

Year one.

Year one or Batman begins since that’s the movie version

Start at the beginning with the best DC story ever published: Batman: Year One!