what arrowverse show would you like Black Lightning to team up first


I wouldn’t, honestly. I think Black Lightning works better as its own universe. Though it might be fun if Thunder and/or Lightning did a guest spot on Legends of Tomorrow.


None Black Lightning can stand alone all shows don’t need crossovers

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would be cool to see J’onn J’onnz in Freeland, on occasion, now that he’s a private investigator, revealing his true identity only to Henderson …

but yeah, am less interested in a full crossover

I need Black Lighting in Arrow hanging out in Star City

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Jefferson meets Ollie–sparks will fly.

The Black Lightning characters are unlikely to show up on other CW shows. First, unlike the other shows, the actors probably aren’t signed for crossovers. Second, Black Lightning shoots in Atlanta, while the rest of the shows shoot in Vancouver. This doesn’t mean that Black Lightning can’t run its own side story during a crossover. And it would be easier for one of the other shows’ actors-- particularly the ones who don’t involve heavy special effects-- to visit Freeland should they be agreeable.

I would have to say arrow it’s the only one that would make sense but I will rather the titans take a detour in Freeland although I know that will never happen

I think it has to be Flash. Oliver and Jefferson together is way to much serious on screen. Supergirl has a meta problem on her show another unknown meta showing up in National City would be a problem. Legends might be alright, but Black Lightning sfx might be to expensive for that show. I’d be interested to see BL manipulate Barry’s lightning plus they like the fun over there.