What Are Your Top Five Favorite Comic Titles On DCU?

This is for comic book titles on DCU right now. Not titles you want to see on DCU or books you enjoy that aren’t here ATM. Just so we’re absolutely, abundantly, translucently, transparently 100% crystal clear on that point. =)

My Top Five is:

-The Authority
-Green Lantern (Johns’ run)
-Rebirth Action and Superman (tie)
-Wonder Woman (New 52)

Your picks?


Detective Comics 472 through 476, by Steve Engelheart and Marshall Rogers

Wonder Woman Year One, 2016 Rebirth, by Greg Rucka and Nicola Scott

Huntress mini series staring Helena Wayne of Earth 2 , 2011, new 52, by Paul Levitz
JLA 1996, by Grant Morrison

Planetary, by Warren Ennis.

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Superman Original series
Justice League International
Harley Quinn (Rebirth… but new 52 is also Awesome)
Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E.

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Birds of Prey (original '98 ongoing)
Nightwing (original '96 ongoing)
Green Lantern Corps (‘06 - Johns’ work on GL is great but GLC was more fun because of the ensemble cast)
Justice League International

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The Authority
2011 Animal Man
1994 Starman


I’d love to see Stormwatch return. Failing that, the New 52 Stormwatch would be a welcome addition.

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The fact that they have all of the Starman comic, I am very happy. I bought volume 1 at Ollie’s for 5.99 and was hooked. Now I can finish reading it without spending 200.00 to buy the next 3 volumes.

I’m checking out Doom Patrol because of the show. I was reading I, Vampire new 52 but they took that series down before I could finish it. Gonna grab more Blue Beetle.

Swamp Thing New 52
New Super-Man
Identity Crisis
Justice League Dark
Aquaman New 52