What are your TOP 3 Comics currently on your pull list and why are they your top 3??

My current Top 3 are, in no particular order,

Action Comics by Brian Michael Bendis: I’ll admit, I usually go for the more Sci-Fi oriented Superman tales, but once in a while a more classic, plain old superhero style Superman story comes out and I wind up really loving it. This is one of those tales! This story feels retro at times, like a 90’s early 2000’s style story, but has a modern edge that I love.

SHAZAM! by Geoff Johns:
This one is amazing! I LOVE the World building that Mr. Johns is doing on this series. Just like with Aquaman and Green Lantern, he’s taking all the things we love about the character and enriching it and enhancing it! I love the members of the “Shazamily” and can’t wait to find out more about each kid! This one is also near and dear to me, as my wife and I are about to become foster parents. Certainly a book I’ll be reading with the foster kids as they arrive at my home!

Young Justice by Brian Michael Bendis:
This comic just ROCKS plain and simple! The ORIGINAL 90’s team back together plus freakin Amethyst of Gemworld! And how freakin COOL is Jinny Hex!? Mr. Bendis writes Wonder Girl wonderfully (see what I did there lol) and Tim Drake as well! Impulse is sure to be a favorite in this and I love his little references to other things we love in pop culture, like the Marvelous Competition and Harry Potter. And CONNOR KENT Superboy!? One of my favorite childhood characters finally back in the DC Universe! Can’t wait to see more of him and see how Mr. Bendis handles the character.


Action Comics: Every issue brings hope of a new Question sighting.

Deathstroke: Christopher Priest is by far the most talented writer working for DC right now, and they’re incredibly fortunate to have him back.

East of West: The best apocalyptic Western story ever told.

  1. Superman: Though I have my issues with BMB, I have to say his Supes run has been fairly decent (action on the other hand…). Supermans my favorite character so that has a lot to do with it too.

  2. The Green Lantern: Grant Morrison has always been hit or miss with me. TGL is a grand slam! It’s fast pace, weird and wild! I love how GM puts the focus on the police aspect of the core. Also I absolutely love the designs and personas of the aliens. They’re trippy and cool. Last but not least, Liam Sharp 's art is phenomenal! Best art of any DC book out today.

  3. Hawkman: This book showcases what DC comics are supposed to be about. Iconic and inspirational. Vendetti’s take on Carter Hall is now the best and definitive version of the character. The way he writes him and story makes you feel like you’re right there next to Carter in the middle of the action. Carter’s quest to uncover the truth of his origins while preparing for the Deathbringer invasion is both compelling and exciting. Bryan Hitch’s art is fantastic as well. I can’t recommend this book enough. It’s hands down the best book DC has out right now!


Only thing I’m reading from DC is Curse of Brimstone and Batman Who Laughs. Doomsday Clock dropped the ball and took forever and Heroes for Hire is 5 issues in an nothing has happened.

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I don’t have a pull list, but my top three books are:

A. Superman and Action Comics (tied)
I’m a big Superman fan and I like Bendis’ runs on both (love the art on Superman in particular)

  1. Titans. It’s nearly over but I’m not really bummed about it. I think this chapter of Titans adventures has reached a good concluding point.

C. Wonder Woman. The last issue was alot of fun and quite funny. It’s had a bump in the road or two, but never anything serious. Still a solid series.

  1. Martian Manhunter. An outstanding series so far with a detective noir that gives the character a fascinating yet flawed background. This is a Manhunter who himself is deeply conflicted. The art by Riley Rossmo is gorgeous.

  2. Sideways. One of the new crop of DC characters, he is both an answer to Spider-Man in the DCU and a layered character with serious world building all his own. I’m watching closely. His connection to the fringes of the multiverse and ability to hop dimensions gives this book a chance to really explore. It’s got potential to give us some new characters and sci fi fun. So far, Roquefort’s art has been typical (and, by that, I mean killer).

  3. And finally I’m going to second Venditti’s Hawkman. Carter Hall’s journey back into past lives, courtesy of Madame Xanadu, has been action packed. His reason for being-on-repeat is tragic and gives the character layers I haven’t seen in other depictions.

Honorable mentions - Green Lantern, Action Comics, Batgirl, and Heroes In Crisis.


I absolutely want to read The Batman Who Laughs and Hawkman when they come out as hardcovers/trades! I’m also enjoying the Superman monthly, not quite as good as Action Comics, but I quite like Rogol Zaar. I’m a sucker for the big monster type villains like Darkseid and Doomsday and Mongul lol.


The Green Lantern by Grant Morrison is also off to a great start and would be at number 4 or 5 for me if this was a Top 5 lol.

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Martian Manhunter is another one I can’t wait for when it becomes a collected edition! Glad to here it’s awesome so far! :slight_smile:


@mcgrusy Good call on Martian Manhunter. I’ve really enjoyed the first two issues. The writing is superb. The art, eh, well I’ll just leave it at eh.

  1. Supergirl - Hope, help and compassion for all. This comic always make me happy when it drops. It isn’t at its best currently, but it’s still top notch. This is what pulled me into comics originally, the unimaginable power of Superheroes coupled with the heart and want to make the world better. This is the essence of sunshine and blue skies put on paper.

  2. Hex Wives - I love how this story is being built up. For now, every issue keeps me curious to learn about the characters and the world. You know that the powder keg that the men built will blow one day. The question is, will this comic still work once the Hex Wives find themselves or will the intrigues that make it so spellbinding be replaced by something bland?

  3. Heathen - This one has a too slow release cycle, but it is building this wonderful fairytale-ish interpretation of Norse mythology with fickle Gods and mysterious creatures that I can’t get enough of. I am prepared to wait if it stays this good.

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HEX wives sounds awesome, might have to give that a try!

It’s not a Top Three title for me, but Goddess Mode has been swell so far. Same for Electric Warriors.

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3 Comic books I am the most eager to read each month right now Reason for each one is story and characters

  1. Justice League Dark ( best story telling in any Justice League book by far Right now)
    2.Freedom Fighter (I don’t know much of any of the character which makes this book extremely interesting to me)
  2. Flash

Again is the story sucks why read it.

I have a broad range of books from numerous publishers so I’ll stick to 3 DC books with an honorable mention!

3)Shazam-I never thought I would be listing a comic that is only 2 issues deep but so far this book has been fantastic even with the artist changes. Dale and Marco killed it by the way! This book is fun, and filled with lots of adventure that feels like it is building to a definitive run for Billy and the “Shazamily”.

2)The Flash-I have had this book on my pull since the Rebirth issue of 2016 arrived. Williamson has tested Barry in ways I never thought a writer would. It’s been awesome to see new villains brought in while seeing many classics return. Looking forward to the upcoming Year One arc drawn by Howard Porter! Please let Josh hit the big 100 with this book DC!

1)Hawkman-This book has been a grand slam! Carter Hall came from a convoluted background and Robert Venditti has fixed that and now the story is fully coherent and given Carter’s reincarnation amazing new backstory. This reads like a fun adventure story along the lines of Indiana Jones at times and big honorable mention to Bryan Hitch for not only killing it on the art but being the sole penciller now 9 issues deep(as of this Wednesday). We are in rare times when a monthly comic from one of the Big 2 can have a consistent creative team without a switch up more than one arc deep. Take a bow lads! Glad to have this on my pull :slight_smile:

Honorable Mention: Doomsday Clock- I’ll admit the recent delays have been a bit frustrating but to be fair this book has been amazing! Johns is always amazing but this book has been Johns 3.0 and Gary Frank may be delivering his best art yet. I’m curious to see how this story will finish out with 4 issues to go. We got the Superman Theory, the meeting between the 2 big blues, and arcs ranging from new Rorschach to the duo of Mime & Marionette to close up. So I’m hoping the delays will benefit this book and we will see this story close out nicely and hopefully with a strong ending for the ages.

Ok I’m done talking now!

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  1. The Green Lantern: Easily Morrison’s best book since the early days of his Batman run. Its such a wonderfully weird story that feels more like Heavy Metal than Heavy Metal (which is ironic given that Morrison is still editing Heavy Metal).

  2. American Carnage: I’m not a big fan of crime comics but this one is really good.

  3. The Dreaming/House of Whispers: Its really a toss up which of these two books is the true inheritor of Sandman’s mantle but both are worthy continuations of Gaiman’s masterwork.

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Batgirl - I’ve really liked Barbara’s voice in the new run as well as the return to Gotham and some historical supporting cast members.

Shazam - So far, it’s been fun!

Nightwin - oops, nope, there’s a dude named Ric running around with a group of Nightwings… sigh. I guess my third is Aquama- hmmm, he has amnesia too. OK, I guess I’ll have to go with either Super Sons or Hawkman (I never thought I’d say that).


Action Comics - Tomasi made me fall in love with Superman. Bendis is doing okay but Action Comics is definitely the better of his two series. If only he wasn’t so slow at writing them. He should write fewer series and more of each series.

Young Justice- has been fun so far. So is Naomi from Wonder Comics. I hope Bendis does a fantastic job here!

Heroes in Crisis - I feel like I’m the only HiC fan but the story is sad but has moments of fun mixed with a lot of Tom King prolific writing. I wish Tom King did a little more positivity but it’s a solid book!


flash because the writing is incredible
héros in crisis cause of booster gold
and shazam

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@ Nathan.Payson Tomasi’s Superman run is right up there with the all-time Supes greats: Byrne, Wolfman, Loeb, Johns, Jurgens, Simonson etc (I know I’m forgetting a few sorry). It was simply fantastic, and as you, know ended WAY too prematurely. Anyway, if you ever have the chance read the works of the creators listed above do so.

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