What are your thoughts on the 1999 Bruce Wayne series? Would this be something you would have wanted to see happen?

You can find more information here: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bruce_Wayne_(TV_series)

I was excited for the BW show when news was coming out about it twenty years ago.

I think it’d be neat to see, but in a few years time at minimum. The “Bruce before Batman” angle was covered (albeit completely differently) in Gotham.

A Batman show that actually stars Batman would be great to see.

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The only thing is that the premise of “all the characters you know and love, but before they became interesting” is very hard to make sound appealing. I could maybe see a comic miniseries filling in Bruce’s training. Alternatively, you could always rip off Arrow’s flashbacks. Skip the “This is totally going to be that thing you like from Batman” teasing and just tell the young-Bruce-becomes-Batman story alongside the Batman-does-Batman-things story.

All this stuff is exactly why I’ve never been able to muster up the motivation to watch Smallville or Gotham. Krypton either, for that matter. I don’t know, maybe I’m in the minority on that.