What are your thoughts on that new Shazam! trailer?

I love the scene when they’re in the real estate office looking for a secret lair, lol. This movie is going to be so much fun!


“I’d like to buy some of your finest beer, please.” Oh Shaz, you’re a funny guy.


It’s going to be so unique lol


Looking for a lair at a real state office was too much but rest was okay. I really liked when Billy jumped from the roof and transformed in mid air then flew away

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After the movie comes out, I wonder if teal estate agencies will see a spike in “lair requests”. I hope not.

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Faaaaaaarr Out!, Buuuuuuuu dee!

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hopefully it’s good kinda wish it had black adam tho

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I’m still hoping Dwayne Johnson plays Black Adam. Maybe in a sequel.

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Rock’s Black Adam should at least be a post credits scene

I totally forgot Zachary Levi had a supporting role in Marvel’s Thor Dark World and Ragnarok. He was one of the Warriors Three. Fandral I think was his character.

If Black Adam shows up in a mid or post credits scene, everyone in the theater will go ape****.

I am thinking that black Adam shows up in post credit scene to find the wizard’s body in his hands while screaming who did you give the power to!?!?!?!?