What are your thoughts on DC Collectibles action figures?

What are your thoughts on DC Collectibles action figures compared to others like Mafex, Neca, sh figuarts?

I like the figures they chose, but find the articulation to be awful. Joints are always very stiff and I always feel I’m going to break them. Would also like to see them tackle some film versions of the characters if they were to ever improve their quality.


I like DCC. I’ve rarely had breakage issues and my last one was my fault. I’ll take DCC anyday over Neca. They make beautiful stuff but it’s just too brittle for me. Their Christopher Reeve Superman is beautiful though.

@vroom dont get me wrong. DCC makes beautiful figures, but I just feel their articulation is poor. Sometimes I feel their figures feel more like statues than figures.

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Sometimes that is true. There are certain figures that feel more delicate than a statue, which is a bit odd.

The idea of collecting action figures is something I’ve struggled with, because I’m torn with whether or not I want to keep them in the box, or whether or not I want to take them out and pose them.

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I’ve done both. Just depends on your preference. I vastly prefer opening them so I can check out all they have to offer. Takes up less shelf space too.

I love dcc. The old ones had just aufull articulation but the new essentials line im really enjoying. Other than some QC issues I think that they are pretty great. I loved icons but I dont collect 6 inch so I’m happy the essentials went back to 7 inch scale.

DC Universe Classics has some solid action figures. Really like DC Icons

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I only have the one Play Arts Kai Joker figure. I always intended to go more, but collecting figures is a hobby nearly as expensive as collecting comics. Coupled with the lack of space to display these figures, and it’s kept me from purchasing anymore.

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Regarding Essentials, I have Superman and Brainiac. Really like both of them, especially Superman. I asked Santa for Aquaman, Black Manta and Deathstroke.


If I ever get mine, I’ll let you know.


DC Collectible figures seem to look nice, but I hope more classic (pre-bronze age) designs are released. I liked icons, even tho some were very fragile and the scale was on the smaller side. Im kinda upset they cancelled Etrigan and the Purple suit Catwoman. I’ll dive into collecting them when more figures release.