What Are Your Thoughts on Batman/Catwoman So Far? (Spoilers)

well, we have officially hit 1/4th of the series, and what a rollercoaster it has been so far. with a Mature Selina Wayne killing The Joker, and possibly The Phantasm, Helena Wayne having green eyes (loving), and a lot of Batman TAS easter eggs…and batman possibly burring a son he never knew he had. We also have joker doing some of his most demented things and loving it which the Joker should.
I also noticed that Catwoman has warned 3 costume variations a plum number, a black number, and her new gray number (which is itself a Batman TAS reference.), and a possible fourth with an o ring zipper, however that could have been a drawing error.

personally, I feel the BatCats romance and life should not be Superman and Lois, it should be the first Terminator movie.


It’s been very good. I’m very curious to see what decision Selina makes in issue 4 after the choice Joker gave her.


i would say she is going to tell bruce as she is a lot of things but not really a mass killer. Its the black costume she is wearing, not the plum/purple costume but her black costume. as i currently understand it the point in the batcat relationship they are in is determined by the color of Selina’s costume, Purple is when she is a full-time thief (i never viewed Selina as a full-blown rouge) black is her undecided color (and what she was wearing when joker asks her to kill batman in book one) then the gray is likely when she becomes Mrs. Wayne and is working full time with batman…
I just realized it’s a twelve-issue elseworld miniseries we may be getting 4 pov’s in the series, the first three have been Catwoman, who was knocked out at the end of book 3, I think the next book will involve eather bruce’s pov or the jokers and last 3 will be formed Helena’s pov during her investigation on to the joker’s death. however Bruces POV may be the last 3 books as bruce is dead in the future portion. It would make it a bit more interesting to do it this way.

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this keeps getting more interesting in how it’s playing out. the easter eggs thsi time include batman returns.

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I reread the first three before reading issue 4, and I have to say, it’s a really hard series to read month to month. I really love how King is showing the complexity of Selina’s character (though she’s also kind of falling into the Princess from Omega Men’s type of character, and I’m hoping he finds a better way to resolve Selina’s storyline than the Princess’s). I am also really curious to see what Batman does in the series - this honestly feels a lot more like a Catwoman series with Batman supporting her than a duo book. The art is truly fantastic, with a few odd choices by Mann (noteably in the nether regions).

I agree, it’s hard to read issue by issue for me I want to read the next one now. well, the main issue with Batman is well he is dead in the future, so we are not going to have that pov. given the current issue which I think is why we are getting Batwoman (Helena Wayne’s) POV.
however, I also do not think Mature Selina is Selina I think it’s Andrea Beaumont. here’s why:

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I would like to see some of Batman’s thoughts in the present and the past, though.

That’s a pretty nifty theory, though that doesn’t say much for Helena’s observational skills. :slight_smile:

or Helena is not letting in on the fact that she realized her mother is not her mother. we also can’t say if Helena works out of Wayne Manor. :grin: Helena meets Selina on a building instead of in the cave in last rights.

In the silver age, Batman moves out of the manor and into Wayne foundation penthouse where Batman sets up a second ‘Batcave’ during the bronze/ silver age. I think Helena works out of this cave in earth-two where she was first introduced, however, I have not read enough of the earth two works to say for sure. Selina and Helena could simply be having a weekly family dinner.

I think that making the Old Selina be actually Andrea would kind of ruin the book for me, honestly.

true. she likely is not going to be, but it’s hard to believe Selina being that calm after killing as in the rebirth and new 52 continuity she has never killed, and really her only body canonically is Black Mask

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Used too much, but I still like this hero and villain relationship. Just give it a break for a while, like having the Joker appear a lot.

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There’s a good reason this paring is used so much, and that is Selina Kyle is to Bruce Wayne what Lois Lane is to Superman. This goes back to Batman, vol 1, number 1, where Batman lets Catwoman escape and then had to remind himself he had a girlfriend. Batman and Catwoman have always had a strong attraction between them that turns to love. 1977’s DC Super-Stars Vol 1 17, they get married in the original Earth-Two continuity after bruce turned 40 in 1955, and have a daughter. How they get together is explained six years later in The Brave and the Bold Vol 1 197. Although batcat never ends happy =(.




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I mean, I’d argue that Batman Annual #2 is a happy ending for Bruce and Selina :slight_smile:

that is True it is, I should have said Rarely. :blush: It’s also a reverse of Golden age BatCats endings. 0_0 I wonder if Selina will get the epic death golden age batman gets in Adventure Comics Vol 1 462 in batman Catwoman issue 12
side note: you got to admit DC Super-Stars Vol 1 17 is just heartbreaking (i do not want to spoil it for those who have not read it) however the image that rips your heart out is worse than the image of the boy in the alley :crying_cat_face:

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anyone else notices Selina was in the wrong underwear when phantasm attacked, and the fact that fantasm seemed to have her neck broken in the previous issue.