What are Your Thoughts from The 1st Episode of Titans?

I Have to say it was Such a Fantastic 1st Episode i Was Really In The Middle Back when I First Saw The Teaser Trailer for SDCC But Now I Can’t Wait For More,This Show was Brutal,Dark and Mature and That Was exactly what I was looking for in a Dc Show for a Long Time. I can’t wait to see where there going with the story and the characters.


Really great first episode

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I’ve watched it a few times already. Enjoyed it a lot. Looking forward to the next one.

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Was good but unfortunately i cant watch it on my fire tv

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What did you guys enjoy most about Titans: Episode 1?

I’m not a Titans scholar. I’ve watched the animated series but never dug deep into the back catalog. So I don’t get bent out of shape if the series doesn’t square 100% with the comics. I think this might be one reason why I’m enjoying it so much.

I like Raven. I’m interested to see how she deals with learning about and controlling her powers.

I also like Starfire. She seems like quite the butt kicker and I want to learn more about her. What did she get mixed up in, and how is she going to piece it together?

I enjoyed it. I am an adult who grew up on comics so it’s nice to see this type of content given a mature treatment. Not to say that I don’t enjoy these things if they were given a family friendly rating. As long as it’s well done, I am in. I can even give Affleck’s Daredevil movie a pass. Yes …I am not a fanatic, I watch it all from both sides of the aisle. Green Lantern could have been better, but it wasn’t horrid either.

But I am perturbed that they are making heroes into the villains. I can’t but think that despite his relationship with Batman that Dick would go so far off the deep end that he’d develop a sadistic streak. Which is all that it is, rubbing a bad guy’s head through the glass like that. Was no reason for it other than to cause pain and suffering. Then we have Starfire, who kills without any remorse. She murders people as if it’s nothing more than taking out the garbage to the curb. The only one I’d give a pass to is Raven as she has no idea what is happening to herself. She is a demon and does what demons do. But the others…it’s a disturbing start to the series.

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(Long post. None of IRL friends are into Titans show/comics/cartoon so I guess I neeses to get this off my chest xD Tl;do: I wish the characters were more recognizable, but I’ll keep watching and hope for changes in season 2)

I agree with Surliman, dark doesn’t have to mean heartless. I’m a fan of the old cartoon and a not-fluent fan of the 80s comics, so I’m having trouble getting behind the changes (namely the age differences between the characters), but that’s something I’m going to try and not hold against the show. What I can’t help but dislike is the unnecessary violence our heroes inflict.

Because I watched the cartoon when I was a kid and The New Teen Titans was one of the first superhero comics I read, these are some of my favorite characters, and I hate that they’re so unrecognizable (except Gar who was so cartoon BB that I didn’t mind the cheesiness ). That said, if I didn’t have any previous ties to Starfire, I’d be totally down with Kori’s character. And I still kind of am. Her weird :fire: thrower thing seemed more like a discovery of power than purposeful massacre and her killing of the guy in her hotel room seemed very alien/inhuman which she is, so in the show I can allow that. (Even if the first time she kills was a big deal in the comics.) I wish she knew she were an alien though because I love the whole “what are your silly human ways” thing, but I can understand that might be a bit much for a new show where we have to meet all these new characters.

This Robin is not the Dick Grayson I know and because he has the costume and the look, it killed me to see him wail on that thug after he’d scraped his head in broken glass.

Raven is kind of am annoying archetype of a child in need and her wining is really bugging me. She is the most unrecognizable to me and doesn’t seem to be anything like the cartoon Raven or the comics Raven, but I know they’re handing off a lot exposition and plot building to her so that’s a tough road to walk.

At the end of the day, I’m definitely not going to miss an episode because these have been my favorite characters since I was kid. I wish they hadn’t filmed everything already so they could take feedback and make necessary adjustments for the next episodes, but hopefully we’ll see more palatable characters after some season 1 growth in season two.

I really liked the circus/Grayson scene. Dick’s parents are at the peak of the swing back when the rope goes taught and snaps. Dick’s father has a hold of his mother’s leg, and his mother reaches out and almost can reach Dick’s hand. I’ve never seen it portrayed quite that way and I’d like to think that adds a bit more turmoil to Robin’s character. Being that he almost caught them, but just couldn’t reach out far enough.

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Its hard to watch being a comic book fan that being said I guess technically this could be a different Earth other than 52… I really think WB gives too much artistic freedom to both Writers and Directors. I will continue to watch though.