What are your theories and thoughts on Young Justice Outsiders?

What are your theories and thoughts on the first six episodes of Young Justice Outsiders?

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The return of Wally West will happen!..
( hopefully) lol

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It’s good.

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They just have the reign of the superman on here wtf

Well, I’m kind of worried about Wolf. He was very active and in missions in the first season (7 years prior), now all he does is sleep all day. I can’t help but feel it’s some type of foreshadowing.


Love the show, I was a big fan since it started airing on Cartoon Network. Season 3 is fast paced in my opinion but I still love it, they started making the series darker which I don’t mind either. I am already hoping for season 4 and The return of Wally West!!!


I think we all want to see Wally come back to Artemis somehow . I will be really disappointed with this new series if he doesn’t .

  1. Wally will be back. I really want to see Artemis’s reaction, because I don’t know if she’ll punch him or kiss him! I kind of imagine her punching him and then apologizing and crying and hugging him all at the same time. I really really hope that happens.
  2. Wolf is going to die. If you think about it, wolf is old for a wolf. Plus his old job was very tiring. Sooo… poor wolfie.
  3. I really hope we get an episode that has a lot of flashbacks. Like to Wally’s funeral, i always wanted to see how the others handled that.
  4. Blue Beetle and Impulse!
  5. I really feel like the producers of the show really listened to us fans. They brought us all characters we hoped for, asked for, and wanted. Given that, no way that Wally can’t be back.
    Sorry this comment is long. I have lots to say.

Wally West Returning and Him and Artemis get back together. Halo and Geodude start a relationship. And Conner and Meghan get married :heart:. But also mostly the return again of Wally West we all need it. But also again I think the light has some big plan in the end of this season if they end the meta trafficking . And also I hope for a season 4 that doesn’t skip to much in the timeline.


It seems like all the lights plans are leading to the anti-life equation, and the Goode VR headset made by Granny Goodness are definetly going to be used to spread the anti-life equation. I think that Savage will betray Darkseid or vice versa causing the other to break of their agreement and have a final showdown on apocalypse while there is a big battle on earth.

Really badass so far. They pay more attention to story and continuity than most tv shows in general, and that’s saying a lot considering how much these characters get retconned and rebooted in the comics.

My only beef so far with the new season is that it started off with a fractured team and hasn’t taken much time to introduce the new members outside of Brion, Halo and Forager, but there’s still more than half a season to see where they go.

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I have a small on for the season after outsiders that will hopefully come

With the queen b referring to dick as the Grey son I have a dealing the court of owls will come

I there will be definitely some spin off shows after this season. I think there is going to be an episode or 2 around the entire batfam dealing with Jason, and the fact talia has Damien. Which could result in a red hood show and Batman Inc. Show since Black Lightning has referenced “Batman Inc.” Multiple reach.

I also feel like a Superson show will eventually come since baby jon, got introduced in episode 9. Its a long stretch but possible since they both revealed ij the show.

Something tells me Vandal Savage daughter is going to Betray him some how, just a hunch?

Cyborg is going to be coming soon, since they named dropped him as well

Then Wally gonna come in the end

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