What Are Your Hopes For: Batman The Adventure Continues Season 2

Well, this digital-first series continues the legendary cartoon, Batman. The animated series and the first season of this comic finally introduced both Jason Todd as both the second Robin and Red Hood, Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke, and Jean-Paul Valley as Azrael and in a version of his armored batsuit into the DCAU.

We also had a couple of interesting new characters introduced in the form of Mr. Wing, a mutated bird creature who is the penguin’s new bodyguard. Also, we are introduced to the terrifying idea of Joker in complete control of a super soldier’s super soldire in the form of Stratman.

The new season starts off with a bang by introducing the court of owls.

However, what do you hope will happen in this season of the book?

What I am hoping for:

Given the DCAU is the only current universe where Catwoman does not know Bruce Wayne is Batman, I hope they get their ‘Hush moment,’ and it’s better than what happened in the Batman Hush movie. I would also love to see Punchline and Spoiler introduced into the DCAU. I would also love to see Stephine Brown hitting Tim Drake in the face with a brick again, as I love that that is how they first meet.