What Are Your Favorite Versions of DC Villains?

There are many different versions of DC characters across comics, radio, film, television, animation, and video games. What are your favorite(s) villains and honorable mentions? For instance, there could possibly be more versions of Lex Luthor, than even Superman. There’s the black & white serials-Lex, the golden age-Lex, Lex from Superboy comics, silver age-Lex, 80’s Unauthorized Biography-Lex, President Lex, Lex Luthor: Man of Steel-Lex, Gene Hackman-Lex, John Shea-Lex, Michael Rosenbaum-Lex, Clancy Brown-Lex, Jesse Eisenberg as the Riddler from Batman Forever-Lex, etc. Countless interpretations and artistic renditions could be chosen from comics alone. Who’s your favorite Cheetah, Sinestro, Black Manta, Brainiac, Reverse-Flash, Bizarro, Darkseid, Condiment King, etc.?


I love:

Lex Luthor- Anthony LaPaglia (Allstar Superman)

Sinestro- Victor Garber “I start alone; I end alone.” (Green Lantern: First Flight)

Cheetah- Alex Ross’ Justice version (love Justice League TAS version too and Liam Sharpe)

Brainac- cool in Krypton but again gotta go with Alex Ross’ Justice. What he does to Aquaman😱

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First few off the top of my head:

Lex Luthor in Grant Morrison’s All-Star Superman

Manu Bennett as Deathstroke on Arrow

Michelle Pfeiffer as catwoman

Viola Davis Amanda Waller

I can’t wait to see Kristen Wiig as Cheetah


I like crazy people so like

Heath ledger joker

Jesse eisenburg lex Luthor not really though because it didn’t feel like lex luthor

Ricardo Diaz arrow

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@JLWWSM Viola Davis kicked ass. She was my favorite out of the Suicide Squad.

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@abeckelhymer Heath Ledger is unstoppable! I could obsess over the performance all day.

“Killing’s making a choice – Choose between one life over the other – Your friend the District Attorney, or his blushing bride-to-be.”

omfg Jesse eisenberg Riddler from Batman forever-lex :joy::joy::joy::rofl::joy::joy: can’t stop laughing at that ok ok what was the question again lmao

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That’s correct. Jesse Eisenberg was a prequel to Batman Forever.

Before Lexcorp became a subsidiary of Wayne Enterprises. Thats what happened after jail scene in BvS. Batman sent him to the development projects division to bulid brain drain tech.

Oh man, there’ve been a lot of good takes on the DC villains. It’s hard to narrow them down, but I went with the first thing that came to mind when I thought of…

Lex Luthor - Clancy Brown (DCAU)
General Zod - Terence Stamp (Superman II)
Brainiac - ‘80s robot “Super Powers” version

The Joker - Jack Nicholson
Catwoman - Julie Newmar
Riddler - Frank Gorshin

The Cheetah - WW (Vol. 2) #9 by Perez
Circe - WW (Vol. 2) #19 by Perez
Silver Swan - WW (Vol. 1) #290 by Roy Thomas

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Right now I’m loving the batman who laughs joker villain

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Joker- Heath Ledger
Ra’s -Liam Neeson
Harley(voice)- Tara Strong
Deadshot -Will Smith


@Jeremy_G Frank Gorshin is for sure the best and may never be topped. For Zod it’s a hard choice for me. I loved Michael Shannon so much, too. Both he and Terrance Stamp are great actors. If you’ve never seen Michael Shannon in Boardwalk Empire, you have to. At least watch the office salesrep training for door-to-door salesmen scene from season 3 on YouTube. It is epic and I don’t understand why the entire world hasn’t seen this. Lol


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@dckid13 Batman Who Laughs is really cool. I haven’t gotten to read the 1st issue of the new series yet, but hope to soon.

@sirreal the best was when stray-tanned Penguin ran for mayor on Gotham. Will Smith was cool. My favorite Deadshot was in Batman Gotham Knight animated DCU film. The traintop fight scene had the most cheer worthy Batman moment ever and killer action choreography.

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A few favorites:
Catwoman- from The Batman animated series voiced by Gina Gershon.
Fire- Brave & Bold animated series.
King Shark from Arrow & The Flash arrowverse.
Huntress JLU & Brave & Bold.
Doom Patrol-Titans & Brave & Bold.
WW-Gal Gadot JL & WW.
Zatanna-JL Dark.
Poison Ivy-BTAS.
Metal Men-Brave & Bold.
The Outsiders Featuring Wildcat- Brave & Bold (Halo, Katana, Metamorpho, Black Lightning, Geo-Force)
Professor Pyg- Beware the Batman.
Riddler, Dr. Leslie Thompkins, Sophia Falcone, Poison Ivy, Solomon Grundy, Tigress, Victor Zsasz, Valerie Vale, Silver St. Cloud, Firefly, Nora Fries, Joker, Lucious Fox-Gotham
Hawk & Dove -Titans
Koriand’r- Judas Contract
Atlee-Starfire 2015
Lois Lane-Stas, All star Superman (Super Lois), Death of Superman & Smallville.
Saturn Girl, Triplicate Girl, Phantom Girl-legion of superheroes.
Forever People-YJ.
Queen Atlanna- throne of Atlantis.
Catwoman-Dark knight Rises Anne Hathaway, Batman Ninja, & Gotham by Gaslight.
Mr. freeze- BTAS.
Katana- Bombshells, Arrow & Suicide Squad.
Power Girl-Superman/ Batman public enemies animated movie.
Stargirl- JL Action.

I’ll stop but I don’t want to lol.


Also 87benlewis I completely forgot after around 3 it was villains…oops.

Lol Djd187. It’s cool. Did you catch Professor Pyg on Gotham? They definitely did him justice.

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Catwoman at the top of the list. Right on. :sunglasses:

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I looked down to check cuz I was thinking what’s he talking bout I listed pyg from Gotham lol. I forgot to put him in there. I was gonna put him 1st then I got distracted & forgot to add him. I meant to have Beware of Batman & Gotham Pyg. Yes they did him justice and then some.