What are your Favorite Scenes from the DCEU/SnyderVerse?

Maxwell Lord redemption is something I never thought I see again, let alone in theaters. Pedro Pascal was perfect as the businessman who is clearly over his head but who wanted to prove to people and especially his son that he wasn’t a failure.

Someday, hopefully, he will get that redemptive arc in the comics.


Wonder Woman - No man’s Land scene
Wonder Woman - Amazons scenes, they’re so inspiring
Man of Steel - Supes learning to fly
BvS - Trinity fight scene
Harley Quinn - all scenes in all movies
Shazam - kids getting powers
Aquaman - The trench scene

So many more, but that’s what I thought of first.




The really exceptional thing there was the part with Barry; they had not really used him well in any form before that, power wise - especially since he’s not Wally and he’s definitely never been canon Barry in any of his incarnations. The parts with Diana and Vic were MEH, they only serve too prove that the Snyderverse Superman is OP, which is definitely not what was presented in MoS or BvS, so generally it feels like plot convenience (e.g. lazy, uninvolved scripting).

Wonder Woman - No man’s Land scene
Wonder Woman - Amazons scenes, they’re so inspiring

The NML scene and all the Amazonian scenes on Themyscira that I’ve seen so far were really great. I think once they finish what Jenkin’s plans to do with WW3 (and I really hope she listens to someone other than Cereal Lord and the story comes from someplace else, as far as a script and plot), that they go back and do either an 8-10 episode series for streaming about ancient Themyscira - in other words, mostly without Diana).

  1. BvS - Wonder Woman’s first appearance in full costume with music pumping

  2. Wonder Woman - No Man’s Land

  3. Justice League - Superman’s head and eye tracking the Flash’s movement in their post-resurrection battle

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