What Are Your Favorite DC Daily Moments?

Over the past 400+ episodes of DC Daily we’ve run the range of emotions - joy, excitement, thrills, and moments of awe.

As it gets closer to the time we must say good-bye to our friends at DC Daily, we wanted to highlight some of our favorite moments throughout the years. From the first time we met them, they became our friends and brought us everything DC we could want. Join us in celebrating some of their Best Moments by checking out these episodes!

Here are some of our favorite DC Daily episodes:

DC Daily Episode 1 E1 (9/15/18)

Halloween 2018: E34 (10/31/18)

Marv Wolfman Tribute Special: Golden Death Stroke E68 (12/18/18)

Titans Cast Recap Special: E73 (12/24/18)

Jon Cryer on Superman 4: E130 (3/19/19)

Jason O’Mara & Hush: E219 (7/29/19)

April Bowlby Cooking Special: E245 (9/4/19)

WB Archives Special: E250 (9/11/19)

Halloween 2019: E287 (10/31/19)

Ashley Scott on DC Daily: E317 (12/17/19)

Andrea Romano Special: In Studio - E319 (12/19/19)

Denys Cowan on DC Daily: E359 (2/28/20)

But DC Daily is about you, the fans- what are YOUR favorite moments? Share yours in the comments below!


Well, I’m biased, but I loved getting to do my trivia for Hector and the gang. Episode 400 in particular was a delightful culmination of that running segment.


I damn near died when they did an episode on Birds of Prey movie and Tiffany Smith just said “boss ■■■■■” and everyone’s face was like :astonished:


Anytime they got to go to sideshow was great. Andrea Romano, weekly breakdowns of star girl with Geoff.


The Fan Event episode from the end of March 2019 was a fun one, as were all episodes featuring Jim Lee, Andrea Romano, classic comic talent, DCAU talent, DC Direct’s Jim Fletcher and Todd McFarlane.

I’m biased, but the few episodes that featured Community comments of mine were fun as well. Again, heavy bias there. :clark_hv_4:


The Misty Lee Magic was always great on the show. Man so many moments glad you named a lot​:joy:. John Borrowman’s (probably spelt wrong) collection episode. The road shows. The watch alongs. I always enjoyed the comic read alongs. The art episodes were great too. There more but other people will probably get to they.


Wow, how did I forget about the Andrea Romano episode?! She had a funny line like, “I’m not gone yet!” and said the vibe felt like a eulogy lol


I put this on the other thread but…Whitney Moore, Harley Quinn Smith, Tiffany Smith, & Amy Dallen read my only comment I ever got on the show. I was 20 mins away from going to see BOP on opening day. They read my comment on what I was hoping to see in the movie as I was getting dressed to leave for it. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to get me excited to see it, I wanted to post the video, but my IPad won’t allow it, I have it saved in my archives. It will always be a magical moment & reminder for me, for when I went to see BOP. Thank u sooooo much for reading my comment. It meant the world to me. Especially because of the women who read it, right b4 I was omw to see some females kick some @##. As Huntress is in my top 2 favorite characters of all times. It was magical, just the way I like it. Thank u beyond words for making that night so special for me. As a man who loves powerful women (not n a creepy way I promise) it was a perfect send off for me to go see BOP on opening night!!,




There were so many wonderful moments that it’s really hard to choose. Any time Paul Dini or Misty Lee were on, having Kevin Conroy or Andrea Romano was always a highlight. John Barrowman was hilarious every time he joined the show. Having artists come on and teach you how to draw the heroes they’re known for. Episode breakdowns of swamp thing, Titans, Harley Quinn, Doom Patrol, and Young Justice. Talking to creators about their favorite comics, how they got started, and new projects. The quarantine interviews with John Wesley Shipp and Dave Gibbons. The interviews with Todd McFarlane, Denny O’Neil, Neal Adams, and Michael Uslan were all so great. I hope they find a way to keep all 450 episodes available to us.


The last episode of Swamp Thing recap where Sam Humphries loses the Cajun Wager!


Any episode with Misty Lee, I liked the Andrea Romano episode( she answered my question bonus not main reason ) and I loved all the deep dives on shows, movies, and comics​:four_leaf_clover:


I liked the book club! Segments. Also, when they play tested some board games and learned to draw with an artist. :slight_smile:


I liked the episode where we find out that the cancellation of DC Daily was only a bad dream and that it was actually the unfunny pothead who wished for a high morbidity rate among comic fans, Bill Maher, who really got cancelled by DCU’s corporate cousin.

Oh, and the episodes with Mr. Marv Wolfman, Ms. Andrea Romano, and the series of a pair of creators visiting a comic shop were awesome too!


Um, so, as of Friday, July 3rd, does that mean I’m cancelled too?

Geez, I thought that fish last night smelled a little funny!


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Oh yeah the Cajun Wager. Did the crew ever get drawn into a comic yet? (That was the bet if I remember right).


Have the fans on the show, I’ve always enjoyed seeing @HubCityQuestion trying to outsmart Hector in a trivia games.
The Book clubs were fun, it was you guys that got me into watching the 5 parts infinite crisis on the CW. Without you guys, I would’ve never had watch it.:confused:


My favorite was honestly every episode. The whole family tuned in every day and we learned so much about DC… and we laughed and we loved every bit of those 400 episodes. I wish they made T-shirts. I wish the show would continue. It is the best part of DC Universe streaming channel.
Here is a shirt we pitched as a DC Daily fundraiser. Would you buy one to support another 400 episodes of DC Daily?
I would.


@Von-El. I would definitely buy on. I also enjoyed every episode. It’s great to come home from work and have something to watch to unwind.


So true. DC Daily was/is priceless. Perfect thing to watch after work. Or during work.
Why would they cancel such an important show?


I don’t know. It doesn’t seem like a good move to me.