What are you TOP THREE Dc comic book titles...and when


Justice League of America; early 70s to Crisis
Brave and the Bold. Jim Aparo era
DC Comics Presents…entire run.


I didn’t much care for the era of Superman in DC comics presents. Super felt extremely flat to me. It lacked the wackiness seen in earlier ages and the more emotional maturity of later ages.

Jim Aparo on Brave and the Bold was some good stuff though. Some of my earliest older comics that I bought when I was just getting interested in them in the late 90s. I still get a little flutter when I see some Aparo art. Very nostalgic for me.

I don’t have a favorite list, but I greatly enjoyed Dixon’s run on Robin, the robotic Hourman’s series, and the 2000’s era Checkmate. These are just a few comics I enjoyed. I’ve read and enjoyed a pretty wide variety of DC stuff.

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  1. Justice League 1987, Giffen DeMatteis , Maguire run.
  2. Starman 1994, Robinson’s run
  3. Booster Gold, both series

Batman from 395 until say 700
Blue Beetle 1985 Ted Kord run
Birds of Prey, this first one by Gail Simone
Young Justice original series ( so far the new one is fun too)
JLA by Morrison
Hourman, Android one
Red Robin Tim Drake run
Robin Tim Drake run

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It’s hard to distill it down to just three but here goes:

  1. Byrne/Jurgens Superman run from 1986-1996. I know this encompasses more than one title but for most of that period, all the books told ostensibly one incredible interconnected story. (Best Superman stories ever!)
  2. The entire Batman run of Brave and the Bold. No holds barred lunacy with beautiful Jim Aparo art.
  3. Adventure Comics: Featuring Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes by Jim Shooter and Curt Swan. A ten-year-old boy’s comic book paradise.

I loved the Brave and The Bold from the Bronze Age with Batman

Huge fan of the showcases from the silver age

I loved Beware the Creeper the original run.

Hard to narrow it down to three. But as far as personal enjoyment goes:

Birds of Prey, entire first volume.
Nightwing, original Dixon run (and even maybe the first few issues of Devin Grayson’s run).
Detective Comics, late 2000s Dini run.

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The golden Batman is so amazing hard to really pin down a run per se.

Individually all together beware the creeper 1-6

hawk and Dove 1-6

The Warlord - 1970’s Mike Grell
Superboy and the Legion of Superheroes - 1970’s Dave Cockrum and Mike Grell era.
New Teen Titans - 1980’s Marv Wolfman and George Pérez era

JSA- 2000’s johns and goyer run after Return of Hawkman and before crisis
Gotham Academy by Becky Cloonan and Brenden Fletcher. Every issue of this comic.
And now for literally no one elses answers but Nicieza’s Azrael run from 2009.