What are you reading or watching tonight?

Just curious. I’m watching the 2nd half of Daredevil S3 and then I’ll come back here and watch some Justice League/Unlimited


Watching Superman the animated series right now.

Trying to finish the second Titans episode. Every time I get settled in to watch it something comes up and I have to stop watching to deal with the latest crisis in my household instead.

I’m gonna start up Teen Titans animates series again, because it’s been years and I know I’ve missed some episodes. As I wind down, I’ll probably finish off New 52 Ravagers Vol. 1 then start up New 52 Green Lantern Corps.

I’ve been watching college football all day. Tonight, I’ll be diving back into the arrowverse. I’m on the first season of the Flash. I finished seasons 1 & 2 of Arrow in about a week and a half. Now I’ve got to switch discs between arrow season 3 and flash season 1 to line up the crossover.

Read all of Robin year one. Enjoyed it.

Thinking of binging Static shock or watching Batman and Damian Wayne trilogy of movie

Just watched an episode of Constitine and now I’m gonna start the 5 issue miniseries of Batman: Arkham City.

Watched a couple episodes of Lois & Clark Season two. I read swamp thing (new 52).

Watched a couple episodes of Lois & Clark Season two. I read swamp thing (new 52).

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Dark Knight Returns Part II

There’s some more Swamp Things comics up?

Nah, I read just the one issue. Then I bought the rest of the run at my local comic bookstore. I can’t wait to read the whole thing. It’s looks great.

Gotham by Gaslight