What are you most proud of in your comic collection?

Going through some stuff this morning and ran across this. Remembered I bought it at an estate sale several years ago for $150. Probably the best deal I’ve gotten on a key issue, well, ever. Interested in your collector stories!


The Troubles of Janus issue 1. By Erich Von Gotha. Quite hard to find as it was a limited edition printed in Switzerland.

Unfortunately I can post a pick of the cover as it would violate community guidelines.

I did at one time have Flash 105 & Flash 123, Fantastic Four #1 and Amazing Fantasy #15.

They were good investments, although they’d be better investments today. But, had to liquidate assets in the late 1990s for personal reasons. Hated to part with them, but sometimes that’s just the way life works.


Whoops! Am I allowed to post DC covers like this one?

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My copy of Brave and the Bold #28, the first appearance of The Justice League of America.


That is impressive!


Nice prize @Kon-El!


There was this guy in my old neighborhood…mid-seventies…most unbelievable collection I’ve ever personally seen. He started buying comics in 1961 with Showcase 34 right off the newsstand. Has a flood proof/fireproof addition to his house. Essentially a panic room full of long boxes. Guy has (or had when I was younger) every major silver age key issue (and not so key) imaginable. He was pretty meticulous and stored everything in wax paper and milk crates until sleeves and boards became a thing. I’d be at a loss even guessing at the value of the collection, but maybe 125 long boxes from 1960-1980. I don’t know that a single issue would grade below a 7.0 from what I remember. This was pre CGC of course. I remember he popped out a copy of Flash 110. Cursory glance would’ve made it 8.5 probably. My hands shook and I had to hand it back.


Yes! DC properties are permitted. :slight_smile:

And I’m too lazy to dig out my copy right now, but my first print of this guy is probably the one I’m most proud of, even if he’s not worth a fortune.

My favorite, though, would be my used copy of

It was my entry into the world of DC comics. :heart: I was very confused to find out he wasn’t Dick, haha.


This is very nice! I’m so glad Tim was what got you into comics. I don’t know what happened to Grummett, but I loved him when I was an adolescent. I was a big Robin fan as a kid. Truth be told, I still totally am.


Me too! The art wow’d me when I saw it! And Tim was a great gateway into the Batfam world. As much as I love Dick, Tim was very relatable, which was part of the appeal of his series.


$150 Man I bought that issue off the rack back in the day, wish I still had it now.
One comic I have that I am proud of is my Batman:The Killing Joke first print., bought it at the comic shop when it came out in 1988.


I thought $150 was steep in 2011. Most fools on eb*y ask about $1,000 for signed 9.8 copies. Totally insane. I didn’t finish cooking until late 81, so I wasn’t gonna be buying this off the shelf.


It wasn’t anything particularly special when I got it, but my copy of Superman Unchained is probably my most prized comic because of the nearly 20 signatures I’ve gotten in it over the past few years. What makes it especially amazing is the fact that I got both Scott Snyder and Jim Lee to sign it, w/ Jim Lee even doing a Superman sketch on the inside cover!


I am currently away from my collection since I’m at college right now, so I’m not sure which I would say the gem of my collection is (besides it is so hard to choose), but my best moment in collecting was getting an almost complete collection of Damage 1994 as a thank you gift from G’s father.


boy I remember buying this book off the spinner rack at the corner news store. great cover.


The Amazing Spider-Man #1 drawn by McFarlane.

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Crisis on infinite world
Harley quinn vol 1-3
12 different 100 specials
Robin Wars
Batman vs Deathstroke