What Are You Going To Give To Yourself?

love this list!


My, my, my …. Let me say Sir ….
I am loving this list!!! :sunglasses:


Thank you @bigblock66 and @Jurisdiction. They were some tough choices.

BB66 (you could be a droid :rofl:) when will you be posting your list? I’m interested in your choices.


Harley Quinn ~ Birds of Prey. I would say Joker but LOL maybe not a good idea

Probably Justice League vs Teen Titans

Jupiter’s Legacy :thinking: I wanna say? WAIT NO… Smallville :smirk:

Honestly, I’m thinking Invincible.

Maybe Injustice… really any time Superman goes ape lol

Idk mang… I had a ton of fun playing Injustice when I was younger. Can’t think of any other decent ones. Ooh you know what I used to also play this SNES game called The Death and Return of Superman ~ so can’t really say anything for this one.

Ooh there’s this one Batman figurine that makes him look literally like the night lol. I know that sounds really vague but I’m not sure what it’s called or who made it.

Even in the darkness, there is always light.


Yeah, I was actually going to do that today, but my kiddos surprised me with an early Father’s Day gift. So I decided to grill some chicken and bacon wrapped cheese/peppers, and some Baconand Cheese Tatertots. :heart:
I’ll post mine in the morning. :sunglasses:

@LastSon0fMars , excellent list. I actually think the younger me would have loved the Joker movie, just like I do now. :rofl:. And yeah, I am always partial to loving me some movies where Supes goes ballistic. :metal:t2::metal:t2:

Great list everyone. I’m so happy that yall took the time for little ole me, and my list. I’m gonna post mine tomorrow. :sunglasses:


Haha yeah I think I might have enjoyed it a lil too much :rofl:

Anything for lil ole you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I gotta edit this. I just got to episode 4 of Invincible and…

Snyder Cut

Justice League: War

The Boys



Injustice: Gods Among Us

Snyder Cut art poster

Don’t ride bikes


Muahaha :smirk: yes yes I do love that show as well and I can not lie. Super excited for more! Makes me want to skip the show and just read it all now!


What is the One Live-Action Superhero Movie that you would show the younger you?

Punisher Warzone, the Dolph Lungdren one was the biggest let down of my life (NO OFFENSE to Dolph)

#2 - What is the One Animated Superhero Movie that you would show the younger you?

Dark Knight Returns Robocop does Batman’s voice and it’s rad, we’ll watch it at least 3xs a year

#3 - What is the One Live-Action Superhero T.V. Series that you would show the younger you?

The Flash, loved the 90s one when I was a kid, love the new one now.

#4 - What is the One Animated Superhero T.V. Series that you would show the younger you?

Wed just watch Batman the animated series together.

#5 - What is the One Superhero Comic Book Storyline (or Graphic Novel) , that you would show the younger you?

Preacher, it’s gonna get real weird in life kid.

#6 - What is the One Superhero Video Game that you would show the younger you?

Um there’s others besides the TMNT arcade game?

#7- What is the One Superhero Collectable (i.e. Figures, Statues, Toys, etc.) that you would show the younger you?

Batman who laughs statue, nothing funnier than giving your younger self nightmares

#8 - And before we start the DeLorean back up, before we go, what is the One piece of Advice that you whisper into Your ear?

In 2016 put some money on the Cubbies, and the day you meet your wife for the first time, go for it then not years down the line.


love this!


Thanks luckily I haven’t progressed much past my 12 13 year old self.


Fun questionnaire budski thank you





HaHa, so very true. Might as well break your younger self in early, rather than let the world do it for you. hahahah

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
Sort of like me watching Nightmare on Elm Street when it came out… by myself…as a kid…in the dark…middle of the night… :scream: :rofl:

Awe, thank you very much. :sunglasses: :metal:


All good answers. I mean it.

Totally. Wish I’d thought of this.


Love your Smallville choice.


We’re on the wave length on this one.


I’m split on this (Man of Steel). I’d hope for a double feature. lol.

All good stuff. I especially like the stock market answers.

@bigblock66 Thanks for this thread!


M’kay, so I’m thinkin’ that this list applies to pre-teen me, let’s say about a year or two after she’s watched Batman 89 at the theater.

I’d show me this, tell her it’s FINALLY happening, and then both of us would burst into tears-

I know she’d absolutely adore this-


Season 3 of Titans

also this-

and this as well-

This of course. :smiley: :+1:

and def BG’s appearances in Young Justice

The BEST BG storyline of all time-


and def this-

Without a doubt this, and then tell her that after a really super long search that we finally found it. :smiley:

I’d tell her to start reading Teen Titans RIGHT NOW instead of waiting until 2018 ‘cuz she’s gonna’ discover her second and third fave supers in that amazing comic series.

Welp, I think that oughtta’ about cover it. :smiley:


lmfao that list was truly bat-standing


IKR? :smiley: Pre-teen DC89 would love all of it tho ‘cuz BG related material is kinda’ hard to come by in her era. I didn’t list any BTAS stuff 'cuz at this point in her life she’s only about a year and a half out from seeing this-


Wonder Woman for sure. Little me would have loved that movie.

Hmm, Son of Batman. Or maybe Flashpoint.

Flash Arrowverse.

Young Justice.

Oof, this is a hard one. But I’ll say New 52 Flash. It has the right amount of action and superhero feel, but it isn’t as dark as Batman and others , so it wouldn’t scare off younger me from comics. :laughing:

I don’t really play video games or collect figures or toys.

Try everything. Food, sports, classes you don’t think you’ll like, etc. You’ll find stuff you will love hiding in places you don’t think to look.


@DC89 Really amazing list. Seriously diggin’ all the great BG references you are gonna tell your younger self. And a younger Me, would have freaked out over the Gotham Knights stuff.

@Row.Harper Hey bud, sweet list as well. Son of Batman and Flashpoint are amazing, and we love all of the Flash Arrow-verse.
I also tell all of my kiddos, to make sure they try everything. Live life.

Thank ya’ll both for sharing.