What Are You Going To Give To Yourself?

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Now that we are living in a great time to be a Comic Book Fan, (with all of the years of great movies, tv shows, comic books, collectables, etc.), let’s step back in time for a moment with our trusty time-traveling DeLorean…


If you could have the day to go back in time to show the younger You some of the great Comic Book related goodies that we have today…

#1 - What is the One Live-Action Superhero Movie that you would show the younger you?

#2 - What is the One Animated Superhero Movie that you would show the younger you?

#3 - What is the One Live-Action Superhero T.V. Series that you would show the younger you?

#4 - What is the One Animated Superhero T.V. Series that you would show the younger you?

#5 - What is the One Superhero Comic Book Storyline (or Graphic Novel), that you would show the younger you?

#6 - What is the One Superhero Video Game that you would show the younger you?

#7- What is the One Superhero Collectable (i.e. Figures, Statues, Toys, etc.) that you would show the younger you?

#8 - And before we start the DeLorean back up, before we go, what is the One piece of Advice that you whisper into Your ear?



Snyder Cut

Justice League: War

The Boys

Batman Beyond


Injustice: Gods Among Us

Snyder Cut art poster

Don’t ride bikes


This was a fantastic idea for a thread @bigblock66!!


Really impressive list @Jurisdiction. :metal:
And thanks for the compliment.
It’s not very often I post something that people like. HaHa.


i usually like you posts!


thank you btw



#1. Man of Steel (2013)
#2. Superman/Batman: Apocalypse (2010)
#3. Arrow (The one that started it all ((Arrowverse))
#4. Justice League Unlimited
#5. Superman 52 Annual (there is an annual right?)
#6. N/A
#7. N/A
#8. Invest in Microsoft. With that money buy as many vintage and in excellent condition comics. DC comics.



Also, great list!!!


@Jared-El_Wayne Awesome list. And yeah… Microsoft and Apple money would get us some great vintage goodies.


Wonder Woman, little kid me would have been so freaking excited over a female superhero movie

definitely the chose your own adventure under the red hood, get me into batfam early

Legends of Tomorrow, because high school me was OBSESSED with doctor who and would of loved it so much, and also for all the lgbt rep

teen titans go! - i loved the original show and watched it as it aired but adult me doesnt really feel like watching the reboot, but 8 year old me would have flipped out

Harley Quinn Breaking Glass or maybe DC Bombshells

Gotham Knights to younger than when it came out me, so right now!!! i wanna play it so bad

ive never really been into collectibles

Chose a college based on the whole school not just for the program because you switch majors a bunch of times and you hate your school


that’s a really great list!!!


These are the only ways I can use time travel, eh? Well, all right.

  1. Live Action Superhero Movie: I’d show myself Spider-Man (2002) one year early, which would hopefully tip me off with the digital removal of the World Trade Center that something was about to happen to it. I don’t know what I’d do about it at age 12, but maybe something.
  2. Animated Superhero Movie: I’d show myself Justice League: Doom (2012) in 2010. It was dedicated to the memory of Dwayne McDuffie, so I could try to alert him in time to the heart complications which he would soon face.
  3. Live Action Superhero Series: I would show my younger self Black Lightning, which often contains references to real life tragedies in the Black community that prior knowledge could help prevent.
  4. Animated Superhero Series: I would show myself Young Justice: Legacy in 2016, and send it to Weisman & Vietti so that they could use it as-is and production on the following season could begin immediately.
  5. Superhero Comic Book Storyline/Graphic Novel: 9/11: Artists Respond, to earlier in 2001 so as to help prevent the attacks from happening. Though now I’m wishing I didn’t waste my first opportunity on the long shot of Spider-Man. Still cool to have early, I guess.
  6. Superhero Video Game: Spider-Man: Miles Morales, to 2000. I could immediately use it to jumpstart the video game industry 20 years.
  7. Superhero Collectible: Action Comics #1. That’s technically a collectible.
  8. “Here’s a list of the biggest natural disasters which will occur over the next 20 years. Tell the media.”

  1. Live-Action Superhero Movie: Wonder Woman.
  2. Animated Superhero Movie: I haven’t watched Wonder Woman: Bloodlines yet, but I suspect it will fill this niche.
  3. Live-Action Superhero T.V. Series: Doom Patrol.
  4. Animated Superhero T.V. Series: DC Super Hero Girls.
  5. Superhero Comic Book Storyline: That’s a tough one. I think the thing I’ve enjoyed most recently is “Injustice.”
  6. Superhero Video Game: The last computer game I played was the roguelike “Angband”. The finest ASCII graphics you’ve ever seen.
  7. Superhero Collectible: My Justice League Wonder Woman Barbie.
  8. Piece of Advice: Training advice: Warmup properly. Increase training volume and intensity gradually. Use calisthenics and stretching for mobility and flexibility. Do this or you will have back surgery and never be able to lift or run like you used to and it will haunt you every day (I’m so dramatic when I time travel).

One thing this survey makes me wonder about: if I saw these things when I was younger would I be ready to appreciate them as much as I do now?


1-7 nothing. There’s a time and a place for everything. The things I watched, the interests I had makes me who I am.

  1. There are times that are going to suck. For reals. The times that do, are events you will have no control over no matter what I tell you. But also know this, even when at its worst you will pull through, so don’t worry as much about them.

that’s a great list!! love the reasonings behind it too!



i love it!!!


@casasstrophe Really good list. Yeah, I think Wonder Woman was a beautifully done movie, for an awesome Superhero. Many-a-kid would have flipped their lids on seeing that one.

@HubCityQuestion Wow… just Wow… you really are a Superhero. Such a selfless list. Really makes you think of how much devastation in the world if the right people had known in time.

@SteveTrevor2.0 Great list. WW Bloodlines is really good as well. I hope you enjoy it when you get the chance to watch it.
On a side note…. That’s being pretty flexible to be able to drink your coffee with you toes. HaHa :rofl:

@Coville Yeah, all kiddos need to be told your #8 advice.


Considering I experienced most of these things when I was younger. :thinking:
My first live action DC movie was Man of Steel, first animated movie was The Batman and Dracula, First live action show was the Flash, first animated show was BTAS, first video game was Lego Batman (but Scribblenauts unmasked really got me into the DC lore), comic would probably be Super Sons, my Funko pop Aquaman is what really made me a funko addict, and advice would be, “Your past already happened, you can’t change it, so move forward.”


Awesome list. I always liked Batman and Dracula 🧛‍♂️
And I love me some Flash. :sunglasses::+1:t2:

  1. Iron Man - Because it is what got me back into comics and because he is one of my favorite superheroes.

  2. Batman: Under the Red Hood - I think this is the best animated movie from DC. Great story, great voice acting and great animation.

  3. Daredevil - A great adaptation of Daredevil with high production value, writing, and acting. Also, no CW soap opera as I am a 58 year old man and I am not their target audience.

  4. JL/JLU - The Cadmus story arc was fantastic. The voice acting and animation were top notch, but the wide variety of characters was mind blowing.

  5. Planetary - A great series that does great service to both the future of comics and honors the genre heroes of the past.

  6. Pass - I haven’t played any superhero video games.

  7. Hot Toys Iron Man Mark III - I’m not much of a toy guy, but Hot Toys does a magnificent job and I love the Mark III from the original Iron Man.

  8. Buy Microsoft and Apple Stock - Buy them and reinvest the dividends.