What Are You Currently Watching?

Been on a bit of a roll lately with DC stuff.

  • Rewatched Zack Snyder’s Justice League (4th time). Like the two before it, I like it more with every rewatch.
  • Just finished all of Young Justice. Was my first time with this one. I avoided it, honestly because I wasn’t all that interested in what I considered “secondary” characters. Boy was I short sighted. I enjoyed every episode. Not only do I have a new found appreciation of heroes I knew little about, but villains as well. Outsiders in particular I found rather strong, especially with all the Fourth World stuff.
  • Decided to go further back and give Batman The Animated series another go (been a long long time). I’ve said before Bruce Timm’s designs weren’t high on my list. Watching this in HD is changing my mind. Everything looks very pretty. Guess Superman is next, then JL, then all the other Batman shows. This is gonna take some time. Will be putting Super Friends on pause for a while.
  • Rewatched Wonder Woman 1984. Still enjoyable and visually pleasing. The score is fantastic. The body swap thing is still weird.
  • Superman & Lois. The John Henry Irons reveal was :exploding_head:. My favorite DC show on TV right now.
  • Following all the other CW shows as well. I miss Arrow.

Anyhow, thought it would be fun to share. What DC stuff y’all watching/rewatching?


I have been watching Superman and Lois, but I am mostly just excited for Stargirl season 2 airing in 65 days :stargirl:


on the CW…

Superman & Lois (off to a great start)
Flash (lost a step, but still the best overall since it started)
Legends of Tomorrow (still fun)
Supergirl (time to go, but Lenny Luthor as Lex was great)
Starigrl (looking forward to its return)
Black Lightning (it’s been a pleasure)

I’ll get around to Wonder Woman 84 when it shows up on cable.

The Wonder Woman/ JSA movie might warrant a purchase if the price is right.

If I rewatch something, it is much more likely to be from last century than this one.


For JSA you could always try red box.

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Nice breakdown of the CW shows. I’m actually sad to see Supergirl go, it’s my second favorite pre Superman & Lois CW show, right after Arrow. Agree that The Flash has lost a step. Still entertaining, but lacking somewhat in the excitement department.

Watched WW84 again over the weekend, first time on 4K disc and it looked gorgeous. Currently watching all of the Arrowverse shows (the last couple episodes of Superman & Lois have really taken the show to another level, and this year of Batwoman is better than the already really strong first season) and planning to rewatch Stargirl S1 before it comes back. Oh, and yesterday I watched an early episode of Harley Quinn just for fun.

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You mean you have not rewatched Stargirl at least 4 times already?

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I don’t have as much time to watch stuff on my own now that my wife and I are both working from home, and I can only get her to watch so many hours of DC content a week!

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Agreed. It’s very visually pleasing.

I don’t know if this season of Batwoman is better than the last one, but it’s certainly getting better as it progresses. I just… can we get a better explanation for Bruce’s disappearance, other than “he just left”. It’s been the elephant in the room for me since the show started :joy:.

Cool topic, @moro!

My recent watch list:


  • Aquaman (Filmation TV series)
  • The Batman
  • Justice League Unlimited
  • Static Shock


  • The Adventures of Batman
  • The New Adventures of Superman
  • WildC.A.T.S


  • Fleischer Studios Superman shorts
  • Green Lantern: Emerald Knights
  • Justice League Action
  • Legion of Super-Heroes
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