What Are You Currently Reading?



Looks like I’ve hit the anniversary numbers in a few series. :joy:

Finished up the one for Red Hood and the Outlaws last night. :red_circle:

Tonight it is… :00_batgirl:

Probably tomorrow I will see what happens to Batman after that… Wedding… :eyes: :batparrot:


I am finally reading Wonder Woman Vol. 1: Afterworlds.

With that said, I do need to get about 5 tpbs to have every Wonder Woman tpb from New 2 to today! I read the missing ones on Ultra but the completionist in me needs to have them on my shelf.


I am trying to catch up on some of the pre-Flashpoint events that I missed out on back in the day. Right now I am on Blackest Night.


I’m about halfway through The New Frontier and it’s one of my favorite comic books I’ve read in a while. I actually watched the movie before I read the book, and both versions are just. Honestly kind of shockingly excellent. I also really like all the behind the scenes stuff included in this book. The attention to detail is incredibly impressive. And Hal Jordan’s characterization is INCREDIBLE. I’ve read a lot of Hal Jordan Content (shocking, I know) and he’s a surprisingly tricky character to get right. He’s one of those characters that looks really basic on the surface and only really shines when a writer really gets him. He’s a pretty subtle character in some ways. But when a writer really gets Hal Jordan, it’s an absolute joy.

(Local DC fan shocked to discover a highly lauded comic praised for its social commentary and excellent characterization is very good)


Nice Squidbee! I still have to read that as well. :clark_hv_4:

I did that as well bookwormfitzpatrick.91230. :smile:

Once upon a time in this here thread for the reading and there was a watch along some time back for the movie as well. Thank you @Vroom for both. :superman_hv_4:

Now… My list I’m following through the Rebirth era says… It’s annual time! :open_mouth:

Batgirl, Nightwing, and Red Hood to be exact. :joy:


You’re quite welcome, pard.


Read some of Alan Grant’s LEGION.

Really enjoy the disfunctional dynamic Vril Dox has with the other members, where he has to outsmart people who seem to absolutely hate him, on a daily basis.


Same stuff. :smiley:

Oh- I forgot to tell y’all: I been reading Nightwing for close to two years now as well. Probably should’ve mentioned that in the past posts.


I am 90 issues into the baxter series of The New Titans.


Starting up with my Death and Rebirth of Superman omnibus. I used to have the graphic novels in the 90’s but haven’t read it since.


Same! :clark_hv_4:

Nice SteveTrevor2.0! :superman_hv_3:

I may have read the Scobby Doo Team Ups in between some of those books so I would not feel as sad. :sweat_smile:

Right now… I’m reading this pretty crazy story of events. :00_deathstroke: :batman_hv_1: :eyes:

So far I am glad Wintergreen also agrees with how crazy it is...



Prieststroke! One of my absolute favorite series! What do you think of the DRAMZ? :slight_smile:


Right now it seems like an episode of the Maury Povich show. :rofl:

Having not read a lot of Deathstroke comics before this, I’m also realizing how dysfunctional Deathstroke’s family really is. :sweat_smile:

I’d also say probably Wintergreen has been my favorite character so far. :clark_hv_4:


I nearly fell out of my chair laughing so hard as I just got to this point in reading… :rofl:

I didn’t actually think this would be referenced as I referenced it. :joy:


Wintergreen is awesome! My favorite is Rose, I think. Though I love most of the characters who aren’t Addie or Slade. Have you read the whole run up to this point?

I was smiling knowing that was coming up. :slight_smile:


Just read issue #1 of Danger Street. Had not heard of this title before, but I liked the 1st issue (am mostly reliant on DCU so if issue #2 is out I have not had a chance to read it). But I am a fan of obscure heroes and unusual team-ups, and I got to say the idea of having all the 1st issue special stars together in one book is a unique idea, as on paper these characters have no business being in the same story, but that is what makes it so interesting that they are trying it.

I am hit and miss with Tom King, he is a good writer but his stories often start good and then go off the rails to me. (I was enjoying Human Target until the last couple issue when no spoilers but did not like how he had the characters acting and the twist seemed bad) and Heroes in Crisis had a similar problem with me, starting off good then going off the rails in the end. But I am hoping this one will stick the landing because it is starting out real good.


Nice! Yeah Rose is really great. :clark_hv_4:

Agreed. :smile:

I found a list that goes through the Rebirth era of books so I tend to bounce around from series to series so I am up to #36 for now. :sunglasses: :+1:

Not sure if that is a problem I have in reading so many series at one time, but have found the only cure is to keep reading. :sweat_smile:

Like today on my reading list is… These. :harley_hv_1:

I know what you mean DanTheManOne1 as I have found that in reading through Tom King’s Batman. It’s not bad, as those books start as some of the funniest of books I’ve ever read. Although, half way through the book something happens that completely shifts the tone, and then by the end I ask myself… What did I just read? :sweat_smile:

At the end of the day though… Thinking about comic books… :thinking:

That works for me. :clark_hv_4:


Just gotta keep reading indeed! :slight_smile:


Read Batman #370-372 and Detective Comics #537-539.

My old iPad hit the point where it would no longer run the app, so when I got a new model for Christmas, I recently resubscribed to DC Universe Infinite. So it had been quite some time since I worked on reading that run but I have finally reached a personal milestone. The next issue I read will be Batman #373, and that was the first ever issue of Batman I ever bought. I’m excited to reread a childhood favorite with all the added context of having read all the other stories leading up to it.