what are you all reading on this most frigid day?

I refuse to leave my apartment in this -25 weather. I’m staying inside and bimyging Swamp Thing. How about the rest of you?

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New comics. Action #1007 is first. I hope you’re staying toasty warm.

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I wish I didn’t have to go out. :disappointed:

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Can’t even imagine being that cold … but then again I’m sure people can’t understand us living in AZ when it’s 115 ! Stay warm all :diamonds::black_joker:


Since I can’t go to my LCS until tomorrow, I decided I’ll read what I have on here and play catch up as well.

Re-reads: Daredevil(Bendis era first arc)

Jumping on: Criminal #1 from Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips.

Catching up: Super Sons Vol 3 TPB.

DC Universe reads: Action Comics 957-962
The Omega Men

Reading the 2013 Harley Quinn series and just finished binging Identity Crisis. The app had been treating me well.

Sorry @Jay_Kay you have my sympathies

It’s -30 here and snow I just dreading the next time I have to go out. Sitting here reading comics I bought last week

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If you do go out, dress like an artic explorer

@HarleenNapier, right? Sometimes the heat gets to be a bit much and I’ve lived here for years.

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I’ve been reading Morrison’s Doom Patrol between meetings. I never picked them up as a kid; looked too weird.

Phoenix, AZ represent! Lol, stay warm you guys. I’m reading whatever Applejack sent me when it gets here. Cant wait