What are yall doing this A.M

Comics and coffee this morning.


Don’t have a screenshot but I’m currently reading Superman new Krypton saga, blue beetle(2007), JLA: The Nail, im about to start dc house of horrors

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how’s suicide squad?

Ostrander’s run is a classic despite being very dated at times. Anytime I see Reagan I am thrown off lol. Great arc for Deadshot this series.

Its good!! I’ve been jumping series. I’m on the '87 series at the moment. The Rebirth and New 52 were good!!

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Ostranders run is good!! He has another run in the mid 2000s. I’m still reading it. '07 or '09, I cant remember at the moment. I dont know how long the series ran. You know how the dc universe service only gives a certain amount of issues to read. Theres only 7 or 8 issues. But it’s another good one!!

gald you’re enjoying it, I’ll be sure to read suicide squad one of these days.

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