What are the most clever stories on DCU?

Are there any really good comic storylines on here that have really clever writing?


A lot of the Alan Moore Swamp Thing issues.

In particular…

#56 - “My Blue Heaven”
#28 - “The Burial”
#32 - “Pog”


Oh, I was only listing one-issue stories…

For storylines…
Swamp Thing still gets a mention for ‘American Gothic’ that runs from #37 (the first appearance of Constantine) to #50 (where several threads wrap up).

And I’d also list Grant Morrison’s Seven Soldiers of Victory.

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I love Swamp Thing, DC Horror stories will always have a special place in my heart :slight_smile:

I’m a horror fan by nature.


Just about anything by Mark Waid. I particularly recommend the “Return of Barry Allen” arc from his Flash run in the early '90s (I forget the exact issue numbers, but it’s from the '87 series and begins with a Christmas-themed issue). The twist is brilliantly executed. And obviously the title is a fakeout, since Barry didn’t come back for another eighteen years or so, but it’s still an interesting question as to what’s actually going on.

Also, Detective Comics #651 (I think that’s the right number - it’s “A Bullet for Bullock.” I think there was a Batman: The Animated Series episode based on it, though I don’t remember the episode for some reason). I never saw the twist coming, but it made complete sense.

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I don’t want to toot my horn, but my stories on DCU are pretty clever.

Oh, comic stories on DCU. Well, I haven’t written comics yet.

Carry on :slight_smile:


@Vroom yet


For downright cleverness, I’ll say Batman: The Brave and The Bold, animated series. They are fun, witty, and clever. And if you already know some DC stuff, there are lots of “Easter eggs”, throwbacks, & shoutouts.

Although whether it’s “clever” probably depends on your definition of the word.

IMO, cleverness is something that works in multiple levels, especially the comedy.

While not on the service (yet, but I hope someday) the LEGO DC movies are the cleverest thing that have ever been done in the entire DCU.

@cnzspuk That’s the operative word :wink:

@DeSade I’ve been meaning to start watching Batman: The Brave and the Bold, but I’ve just never gotten around to doing it. I have, however, watched the Lego Batman Movie, which I absolutely LOVED! It was clever and hilarious through and through!

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@Vroom I take it you like to write?

If you liked the LEGO stuff, I’d definitely make time for BATB. I’m guessing you will like it.

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Thanks for the recommendation! I’ll make sure to check it out!

@cnzspuk You can bet your sweet bippy that I LOVE to write!

I’m a freelance writer by day, and once in a great while I’ll write something in the Fan Creations section too.

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@Vroom That’s awesome! What type of stuff do you like to write (both for work and for fun)?

@cnzspuk The work stuff varies. It’s mostly for local businesses and the like. I’m not going to specify anything as some it is done under NDAs, while other work is done just for the sake of work.

My DCU stuff runs the gamut from goofy and silly to serious. Scroll deep down in Fan Creations and you should be able to find my Lobo (including a crossover with Scooby-Doo), Marshmallow Pete, Red Hood and Wonder Woman stories.

When I say goofy and silly (in the case of Marshmallow Pete) I mean goofy and silly. Just FYI =)


@Vroom Oh I don’t doubt that they’re goofy and silly, especially knowing your sense of humor. I’ll see if I can dig then up haha. Do you ever write your own characters?

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I have. Marshmallow Pete is a character of mine that exists in the DCU (Metropolis to be exact).

I’ve also written fiction outside of the DC firmament. That’s all fine and wonderfully entertaining of course, but DC is my #1 writing interest by an absolute light year.

Comics, movie and television screenplays, books, advertising, etc, I’m eager beyond all forms of measure the human mind can comprehend to write for anything if it pertains to DC =)

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Just to clarify, I was expressing my overwhelming eagerness to write for all of the various DC things I mentioned above.

As of this date, I have never written anything for any DC outlet such as comics, movies/TV, etc.

Just so there’s no confusion :wink:

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