What Are the Contingency Plans of the Other Justice League Members?

Batman can’t be the only one whose thought “What would I do if ________ went rogue?” So pick a member (who isn’t Batman) and tell us how he or she would bring down the others.

For ex: Aquaman has to have a stash of kryptonite for use against Superman, with all the times it’s been found underwater, from crash landing in the ocean. And aside from that, Atlantis has a number of sorcerers. So he could use magic to even the playing field.

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Wonder woman and Captain Marvel are the first to come to mind, since they both weird magic that puts superman at a disadvantage

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How would they defeat each other though?

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I was thinking more of who would be willing to fight superman than who has a plan, my bad…

Green lantern(Hal) would make a construct that holds Green arrows arm to prevent from using his arrows(Not sure if he has already)

There was a Green arrow/Green lantern comic where Arrow painted himself yellow so lantern couldn’t use his ring on him.