What Are the Best Pizza Pairings for Your Favorite DC Comics Character?

Today in our News section, we’re talking about what pizza combos perfectly define the characters found throughout DC Universe. (Swamp Thing is a veggie pizza, of course.) If you’re still not sure what’s on the menu for dinner, we highly recommend checking out the latest article for inspiration!

The options for pizza toppings are as varied as characters of DC- tell us all about what your pizza incarnate is for your favorite characters in the comments below!


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Found it!



Extra anchovies for Aquaman.


Mini pizza bagels for The Atom

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I think Bruce would stick to a plain cheese pizza.

Bruce Wayne would have a pizza made for him by Alfred, then not eat it.

Cheetah would love the meat lovers pizza

Alfred is from England, I can see him making an awesome kabob pizza.

Although pizza and chips, if I were Bruce I’d ignore to. A few of those and he wouldn’t even fit in the batmobile.

As Poirot said “the English don’t have a cuisine, only the food.”

I thought I had one, and this may be a long-shot, but Joker is a mushroom pizza.
Reason: they’re both a fungi.

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Harvey Dent would have a pizza split in two with one half meat lovers and the other half veggie pizza.


Mr. Freeze will dine on A frozen pizza


Anchovy and diced clam white pizza for The Penguin.

Quadruple ghost pepper pizza for Heatwave

Half pepperoni half lock washers pizza for Cyborg

A kale salad for the reverse flash, that’s about as much the reverse of pizza as anything

Man, @HCQ is coming up with the best news articles right now. Way to go :slight_smile:


Swamp Thing and pizza just reminds me of the collossal culinary crapfest that was Planet Hollywood’s Vegetable Pizza.

24 years later, I still remember what that olfactory obscenity tastes like. Yarg.

Sausage and pepperoni is indicative of Two-Face (pepperoni for his good side, sausage the bad) so there’s that.

What would a Superman pizza be like? The best of everything, so… supreme? Heh, that reminds me of the Supreme comic.

As stated in the article, Shazam is the most obvious. Pile on the cheese and load up on pepperoni, then mangia mangia!


Ham, Bacon, and Sausage pizza for Professor Pyg

The peppers reminded me of the original idea I had- on one Earth, a pizza with hot sauce instead of tomato sauce, ghost peppers, and chicken represents Firestorm.

Or, fish-being linked with brain power-for Brainiac.

Brainiac pizza I’d go old school. Green tomotillo sauce and shrimp.

Guys: I love my job.

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