What Announcements Do You Think Will Come Out of WonderCon?

Has DC Universe discovered the secrets of immortality? Found evidence of life on other planets? Or something even more exciting?

Let us know your predictions in the comments below! And make sure to keep your eye on the Watchtower this evening, 5:30pm PST - 6:30pm PST as we give you live announcements during the panel! :mantelpiece_clock:


You’ve got the secret to a fat free fudge cake that doesn’t disappoint in the Flavor Department like so many others, don’t ya? clenches fist as a sign of happiness that the good guys have it

I knew it! Fargis and Feldman (from across the hall) said it was true, but I just wasn’t 100% sure yet. Well lemme tell ya, I am sure now!

To the point, I’m not sure. More original show reveals? Pre-DCU content coming to the service? More exclusive merch reveals would be faboo (as Wakko would say as he practices his latest gooky).


Personally, I’m hoping for an official reveal of the next Arkham video game. It’s about time.


Oh, specifically from DCU, though? Fine, here’s… 12 predictions.

  1. You’re doubling the size of the comic library AGAIN.

  2. Batman ‘66 debuts on the service… RIGHT NOW!

  3. The announcement of a line of DC Universe original movies.

  4. Young Justice Season 4 officially greenlit.

  5. A new original The Question series (or movie, as suggested in point 3).

  6. DC Kids Universe, a parental controlled version of the service that also features a ton of newly uploaded age appropriate content.

  7. Integrated watch-along technology that will allow many users to watch and comment on the same video at once.

  8. The return of the DC Spotlight line of mini-documentaries.

  9. The debut of DCEU movies on the service.

  10. A con exclusive sneak preview of the next episode of Young Justice.

  11. The reveal of the next theme after Meta-Madhouse.

  12. To everyone’s surprise, DC Universe actually releases the Snyder Cut.


I’m hoping more original movies and shows and some games for dcu App, New season of young justice and titans, New arkham video game, and that we can finally have the app on Xbox one and other platforms


That you are bringing back all the comics and putting even more comics? You are also announcing the next DC original series? These are just hopes and dreams here, but it would be wonderful announcements to come out of the event.


Possibly an official recognition of Doom Patrol season 2, and maybe Young Justice season 4? I can dream.


New season of Constantine :scream: and eventually 98 more seasons after that


A Hawk and Dove show announced, hopefully Constantine too


I truly expect to see a plan for release of original content for 2020. I also expect to see announcements of new original series and films. I hope to see an announcement for a Wonder Woman animated series as well as a Wonder Woman 77 animated series or movie. Would also like to see an announcement for more volume 1 Wonder Woman comics, especially from the 70s and 80s.


They’re going to announce to Green Lantern movie and Guy Gardner will be in it
They will announce Metal man movie is in production.

Ok ok neither of these will happen but I can dream can’t I


Dream big!


A trailer or two of the New Harley Quinn series o_o and maybe a Grim Knight movie or series

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Wonder Woman the Animated Series.

Birds of Prey Animated Series set in the world of Young Justice.

Green Lantern the Animated Series season 2

You are expanding the comics section and no longer taking anything away.

DC live action movies are going to start coming to DC Universe instead of going to HBO.

Wonder Woman is getting an ongoing DC Universe exclusive comic.

More Young Justice comics that focus mostly on Batgirl/Barbara Gordon before she becomes Oracle.


They will announce a Batgirl casting and she’s actually going to be in the live action Birds of Prey movie coming next year to tease her solo movie. :crossed_fingers:


Digging all the Batgirl predictions! :sunglasses:


Are you announcing that Bat-Mite is replacing all actors in DCU originals? Do you think Mr. Nobody will allow something like that to happen?

Stay strong, @Super-Squirrel!

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I don’t want to shoot TOO high only because I don’t want to cancel out an actual awesome announcements. Some of what I am expecting to hear…

A bit more specifics on what kind of growth we can expect from the comics moving forward with May almost over. Guessing it will continue to expand even if slowly, but just my guess.

News on when specifically Krypton Season 1 will be premiering.

On official announcement for Young Justice Season 4 which seems inevitable.

A sneak peek or trailer for Swamp Thing.

Hopefully some news of what kind of programming we can expect in 2020.

Something unexpected. Don’t know what, but I think we will be pleasantly surprised by at least one announcement.


I would give my left lung for a Season 2 of Green Lantern TAS, personally. It’ll never happen, but I can dream.

Also, can we PLEASE find out the fates of the new castings for Superman and Batman in the DCEU? I’m absolutely heartbroken about losing Batfleck and Cavill, I thought they were both fantastic in the roles, and I’d personally wanted Affleck as the Bat since he was in Mallrats. That jawline of his just screams Batman: TAS. Plus, hands-down, the BEST Batman costume yet!

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