What Animated Series Would YOU Like to See on DC Universe?

Based on the critical success of Young Justice: Outsiders and the rising anticipation for the upcoming Harley Quinn animated series, which characters or iconic storylines would you like to see get the DC Universe animated series treatment?

Personally I’d love to see Kingdom Come , Legion of Super Heroes, or a renewal of the Batman Beyond series!

Let us know your picks in the comments!


Bring back Justice League Unlimited and Teen Titans.

As far as new animated series, I would love to see Justice League Beyond, Aquaman/Atlantis animated series, New Gods, Justice League Dark, Wonder Woman Animated Series.

But I do hope that whatever new series they do, they are in the Young Justice Universe or the Bruce Timm Universe. As long as there apart of some continuity then it could lead to possible crossovers which would be epic.


I want the Swamp Thing Animated series on the service!

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Elongated Man detective procedural.





I would like DC to play with an Earth 3 series based on Countdown and Forever Evil. It could cross over with Teen Titans. I also want them to bring back Jokester and Earth 3 Duela Dent.


Reboot Batman Beyond, and add more Joker-like characters to the roster.

It would be fun if they rebooted Super Friends, with better animation (in a similar style) and new heroes not in the original rotated in, but in a storytelling style that pays homage to the original. If any of that makes sense. lol.

As for new, Justice Society of America would be good, and hell why not a Wonder Woman animated series, she has never had one.


A continuation of the Jonah Hex and Spectre cartoons from the Superman/Shazam movie. Those shorts deserve complete animated series.

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Superman: the Brave and the Bold

A Green Arrow and Black Canary spin-off from JLU

More seasons of Green Lantern!
(No, I will never stop beating on this drum)


I would love to see a Nightwing animated series with his rouge gallery based in bludhaven. Nightwing is one of the most popular characters while at the samethime the most under utilized with the lack of movies or stand alone animated movies


For existing shows:

-a continuation of Green Lantern: The Animated Series
-a continuation of Legion of Super-Heroes

Brand new shows:

-DC Universe Presents (it’s an animated anthology series)
-The Fourth World
-Lobo and Pals
-Out and About with Ambush Bug
-Superman (anything)
-Time Masters
-Wonder Woman: The Animated Series


I’m with @CaptThunder001 I want more Green Lantern and I’m going to beat my own drum and ask for The Authority to at least get a movie, but a series would be better or a series of movies.


@Wildstorm-Jeff An Authority animated series would be wonderful!

Same for Planetary. I’d like to see a new WildC.A.T.S show too.