What about the subscribers?

So, if “DC Universe” does shut down, what will happen to the subscribers? Will we automatically have a subscription to the new “Warner Television” streaming service? Will we be refunded, especially if we did the annual subscription? While it is a possibility the claims of the service shutting down may be false, I still want to know if the rumors are true.

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Same really dont want this to happen and I also want to know if warner has there own streaming and all dc video content goes there will dc universe stay up as a comic streming platform

I’m in the minority here, but I’m primarily here for the comics. I hope the entire library will continue to be available through a subscription service regardless of what happens to DCU.


DC Universe is not in danger of shutting down.

We have posted an official response here in Watchtower:

In the interest of organization and to keep frequently asked questions visible in a single source of truth, please post any further concerns or questions you have in the above thread.

Thanks :slight_smile:


@applejack Thanks so much!!!


Applejack, I appreciate you trying to give us news and updates, I’m sure we all do here. But I think we will all feel a little better if someone from on top can confirm that DC Universe is not in danger of shutting down. Can we expect any news article confirming the site’s future anytime soon?


@etwashome Applejack is the Community Manager for the Community section of DC Universe.

She is a 100% reliable source of information. If she says DCU is stable, you can take a breather and know that the future of DCU is indeed stable.

So, enjoy DCU with confidence. There’s tons to like :slight_smile:


Well, if that’s the case, ok. This whole WarnerMedia streaming service business has me paranoid. Especially since they shut down Filmstruck and it looks like they will include HBO shows in their larger service. I just want to be absolutely sure


@etwashome Yes, blindly follow. Never question. Applejack is lord.

@ColdSmokeMike, please be respectful of the Mods. Applejack has been nothing but honest with the community and no-one should have any reason to doubt her.


@ColdSmokeMike I think you need to calm down. Wait, are people allowed to tell you that…

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@ColdSmokeMike Sorry, That was rude. I shouldn’t have commented it

Glad its not in danger, everyone needs to relax and read some awesome Golden Age Batman


AppleJack is a master Waifu. I’d follow her off a cliff <3


@Gibbyhertz Creepy

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I would suggest you not say things like that about anybody in the future.

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Why not? There is technically nothing wrong or creepy about it lol But I mean it IS against the forum rules so… I guess it’s a matter of perception, it was only a joke since ColdHandMike said to blindly follow the mods. But this isn’t the first time I said AppleJack is master waifu, just the first time anyone has had a problem with it.

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