What about the previous Swamp Thing?

There have been 2 Swamp Thing movies and a TV show from the 90’s. Sure, they were a little campy but they were still great Swamp Thing stories embodied by the great Dick Durock. When can we get these on DC Universe?


I also would like to see the other Swamp Thing movies and the live action series on DC Universe! And I’d also like to to the Swamp Thing cartoon added! Were some of these properties a bit campy? Sure! But that’s why they’re so much fun!!

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The unfortunate problem with the past Swamp Thing projects being on here is that the 2 Swamp Thing movies, the 1990 TV series and the animated series… not only are WB/DC not the distributor for any of them, but all 4 have different distributors. Even the 2 movies are not owned and distributed by the same company. So if DC Universe was to ever put any of it on they would have to negotiate a license deal and that is assuming no one currently holds exclusive rights, and to get them all they would have to negotiate a sperate deal for all 4 properties. To date nothing that Warner/DC was not the owner of has shown up on here, so the odds of any of them much less all of them being on here any time soon, if ever, is pretty slim.


DTMO is 100% right.

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Thanks DTMO1, that is a damn shame though.

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I wish it wasn’t true also. I never saw the animated series, but as a teenager I liked both the movies and loved the series. Sure none of them have aged greatly if I saw them today, but for nostalgia it would be great. And prior to the Arrowverse Swamp Thing was the longest running live action DC Comics series not starring Superman, unless I am forgetting something.

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I think the 1960’s Batman edged it out for total episodes but same number of seasons. It is hard put those 2 in the same category as that Batman was cartoony. Still fun to watch though.