what a great service this is

I’m sitting here watching through the entirety of the DC animated series one by one. I had only seen a few episodes of Batman TAS before this Service lainched. When I’m finished with TNBA I’ll start the rest of them. Hours of entertainment

Then there’s krypton season one begging to be watched. I wrote it off last year but I’ve heard nothing bad about it yet so I’m interested

Another months worth of doom patrol still to come which is yet another high quality original series on top of titans and YJ both of which have more coming later on.

In a couple days JLvF5 will be here. Its a DC animated film so its gotta be great the bar is high I’m excited

None of that interest me? They’ve got more comics than I’ll ever have time to read and are dropping more regularly by the truckload. I’ll always have something to read

Thank you DC universe…this place is as close to perfect as I could ever ask for…and I don’t even have console support yet so it’ll get even better


Couldn’t have said it better myself! I see all the wonderful stuff they have on here and I can’t help but think how incredible this is. If my younger self could see all this, his head would explode. I get something devoted just to DC and I can watch movies, cartoons and read comics on it??

It’s a wealth of DC content and I love that we live in a time when it’s possible.


Thank you in return, @Takingmymoment and @superby1, for being such great members of the community and DC Family :slight_smile: It’s a joy having such a great group of people to chat with, and we so appreciate the feedback!


That’s very kind of you. Thank you so much!

Yes it is!

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I literally use this app more than anything on the internet including social media. If I told my younger self about this he’d probably cry in excitement


To quote Ron Howard: “It sure is!”

gets in line behind Carl Weathers for a refill “Sup Chubbs?”

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