We've Got the Latest Photos of DC Universe's Stargirl, S.T.R.I.P.E., and Brainwave

Cosplayers, get ready to take notes! Because we’ve got the latest photos of three of the key costumed folks in DC Universe’s original series Stargirl premiering next week, on Monday, May 18th.

Check out our News article to see the latest round of amazing costumes!

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Awesome can’t wait for the show.


I love Luke Wilson, but seeing him team up with Joel McHale and Amy Smart made the trailer feel like a joke, which seemed odd to me for this type of show. “It’s called the caaaahsmic staaaaff…” (in Owen Wilson voice) :laughing: That being said, I don’t know much about Stargirl and I’m interested in checking it out.

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By far I think that’s the best Stargirl costume ever!:slightly_smiling_face::star2:


I somehow get feeling Stargirl is going to become a major cosplay staple.


Really looking forward to this one!


I hope this turns out good! Need more content on the app


Just watched it, the show is amazing can’t wait for episode 2

Nice @SonOfSuperman1515! You might want to join this thread. The first episode didn’t really jive with me but lots of others are digging it just like you. :grinning:

The perfect hero at the perfect time! STARGIRL is just what we need – it’s optimistic and fun and full of energy! The next generation is in very good hands! Looking forward already to the “crossover” (come on, it’s got to happen) with the rest of The CW primetime DCTV Universe!